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Reference: WDC ABY

Record type: Agency

Record: Whanganui District Council

Whanganui District Council

Date Established:1989
Agency Code:WDC ABY
Predecessor Agencies:Wanganui Borough/City Council and Wanganui County Council

The Local Government Amendment Acts of 1988 and 1989 reorganised local government throughout N.Z. Responsibility for regional planning, civil defence, maritime planning, and the functions of catchment boards and water boards, were taken over by regional councils (locally, the Manawatu- Wanganui Regional Council). The Local Government Amendment Act (no. 3) 1989 required the corporatisation of subsidised road construction work and public transport, also clearer lines of accountability, and “good employer” personnel policies. The Wanganui District was formed by amalgamation of the Wanganui City and the Wanganui County, and comprised 6 wards – Waitotara, Parapara-Fordell, Westmere, Castlecliff, Central, and Matarawa. The Council consisted of a Mayor and 14 members, and the first meeting was held on 2 November 1989. It was broadly responsible for the same range of functions as before the reorganisation, including those of the Reserves Act 1977. Community boards were constituted for the areas of the Parapara-Fordell and Waitotara wards. In 1992, by mutual agreement, these two boards combined to form the Wanganui Rural Community Board.

In November 2015 the name of the Council was altered to incorporate an "h", changing it to the Whanganui District Council.

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