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Reference: HRC 3.0

Record type: Agency

Record: Central Districts Catchment Board

Central Districts Catchment Board

Date Established:1987
Date Disestablished:1989
Agency Code:HRC 3.0
Successor Agencies:Manawatu Wanganui Regional Council
Predecessor Agencies:Manawatu Catchment Board and Regional Water Board and Rangitikei Wanganui Catchment Board and Regional Water Board

The Central Districts Catchment Board was formed in 1987 from an amalgamation of the Manawatu and Rangitikei Wanganui Catchment Boards. Due to the local government reorganisation process being carried out at that time the amalgamation was never legally ratified, but after December 1987 the staff of the two parent bodies were operating under one structure. The Rangitikei Wanganui and Manawatu Boards sat ad jointly, which meant there were two Chairmen and 21 Board Members.

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