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Reference: MDC 3.2

Record type: Agency

Record: Manchester Road Board

Manchester Road Board

Date Established:1876
Date Disestablished:1903
Agency Code:MDC 3.2
Successor Agencies:Oroua County Council
Predecessor Agencies:Manawatu Road Board

The Manchester Highway Board was formed in 1876 from the Manawatu Highways Board (later Road Board) and came under the Manawatu County Council. After the passing of the 1882 Road Boards Act, all Highway Boards were renamed as Road Boards. In 1883 half of Manawatu County separated to form the Oroua County Council, which the Board now came under. In 1884 the Board assumed the powers of a county when the operation of the Counties act was suspended within the boundaries of Oroua.

By 1902 the Manchester Road Board and the Halcombe Town Board were the only remaining Boards in Oroua County, the others having formed the Kiwitea, Pohangina and Kairanga Counties. In 1902 the Manchester Road Board petitioned for the Counties act to be reinstated in what remained of the Oroua County. This was granted in 1903, the Road Board was dissolved and was used as the basis for reforming the Oroua County Council.

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