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Reference: PNCC 11/12
The community organised A.N.A committee provided club rooms, social activities and entertainment for members of the armed services who were visiting Palmerston North during World War Two.
1939 - c.1946
Reference: TDC 1.2
The Akitio County Council was formed in 1898 from the Akitio Road Board and the area of the Wairarapa North County Council that it covered. In 1905 the southern part of
1898 - 1976
Reference: TDC 1.0.1
Those interested in War funds within the Akitio County formed themselves into the Akitio War Relief Association to provide financial assistance or donations to returning soldiers, including soldiers physically or
1916 - 1989
Reference: TDC 1.9.1
The Board was established to run the Landing Shed and Hall at Akitio. In 1986 the facilities were vested in the Dannevirke County Council. The former Board continued to administer
1966 - 1986
Reference: HRC 12.2
The Akitio Rabbit Board was formed in 1925. In 1948 the neighbouring Pongaroa and Puketoi Rabbit Boards amalgamated with the Akitio Board. In 1968 due to changing legislation the Rabbit
1925 - 1974
Reference: TDC 1.1
The Akitio Road Board was formed in 1887 within the Wairarapa North County Council. In September 1899 the Akitio Road District was merged with that portion of the Wairarapa North
1887 - 1899
Reference: TDC 3.2
In 1884 the Alfredton Road Board was formed within the Wairarapa North County Council. In September 1893 the Alfredton Road Board wound up it’s affairs and was absorbed back into
1884 - 1893
Reference: HRC 7.10
The Aorangi Drainage Board was set up In 1894. On the 27th June 1921 the Manawatu Land Drainage District and the Aorangi Land Drainage District united to form the Manawatu
1894 - 1921
Reference: HRC 13.3
The Apiti Pohangina Rabbit Board was formed in 1923. In 1963 the Board amalgamated with the Eastern Pohangina, Kiwitea, Oroua and Umutoi Rabbit Boards to form the Ruahine Rabbit Board.
1923 - 1963
Reference: TDC 1.9.2
The Board was created by Gazette Notice on the 5th of November 1956. The Board was also responsible for the Te Uri Hall. The Domain was vested in the Dannevirke
1956 - 1985
Reference: MDC 2.0.1
The Beaconsfeild Domain Board was formed in 1970. In 1985 administration of the Beaconsfield Domain Board was transferred from the Lands and Survey Department to the Kiwitea County Council.
1970 - 1985
Reference: WDC ABI
A meeting was held 5 July 1895, at the house of Mr. Bryce, for the purpose of electing trustees, planning for the construction of a cemetery, and levying a burial
Reference: WDC ABH
to be researched
1923 - 1979
Reference: WDC ABK
The formation of farmers’ weed control groups was a result of noxious weeds subsidies granted by central government, through the Ministry of Agriculture. Committees of farmers, with a MAF advisory
1975 - 1976
Reference: HRC 7.6
The Buckley Drainage Board was set up in 1913 for an area of land west and south of the town of Shannon and from the Mangaone Stream north to the
1913 - 1959
Reference: RDC 1.4
The Bulls Local Board was first formed in 1873 under the Local Boards Act of the Wellington Provincial Government. In 1881 the Town Boards Act renamed it as the Bulls
1873 - 1957
Reference: TDC 4.0.3
The Bush Hydatids Control (Pahiatua) Organisation was formed in 1959 as a joint organisation between the Pahiatua County and Borough Councils to meet their obligations under the Hydatids Act 1959.
1959 - 1989
Reference: MDC 5.1.1
The Carnarvon Domain Board was formed in 1963. In 1985 the administration of the domain was taken over by the Manawatu County Council.
1963 - 1985
Reference: TDC 4.0.1
It is unknown when the Carnival Park Domain Board was established, but minutes are available from 1921. The Board may predate this as there is mention in the Pahiatua Borough
1921 - 1989
Reference: WDC ABC
The Public Domains Act 1881 gave the Governor General the power to declare certain categories of land “domains”, and authority to: I enclose, pland, and develop land; II set aside
1918 - 1953