The Hawke's Bay Regional Council Collection is at the Archives Central building at 40 Bowen Street, Feilding. 

The Hawke's Bay Regional Council was formed in 1989 from an amalgamation of Catchment Boards, Pest Destruction Boards, Noxious Plant Authorities and the United Council in the Hawke's Bay Region.

The Hawke's Bay Regional Council Collection contains the records of these numerous predecessor organisations and earlier ones such as Rabbit Boards and River Boards that operated within the current regional boundaries from 1877-1989.

The types of records found in the Hawke's Bay archives include:

  • Minute books and other meeting papers
  • Correspondence files
  • Accounts and financial records

Requesting Information

The Regional Council archives are stored at the Archives Central building at 40 Bowen Street, Feilding. Contact details may be found on the right hand side of this page, or on the contact page.

Hawke's Bay Regional Council Archives

Located:40 Bowen Street, Feilding
Open:1pm - 5pm Tuesday to Friday
Fees:Charges Schedule
Phone:(06) 952 2819
Free Phone:0508 522 819
Council Website:Hawke's Bay Regional Council

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