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Moutoa Floodway.
A 1951 plan showing the proposed Moutoa Floodway, which was started in 1958 and completed in 1962. From archive ref HRC 00021 : 1 : 1/0 This is just one
Publicans licence - Feilding Hotel, 1891.
A publicans licence issued on the 4th of June 1891 to Martha Hastie, owner of the Feilding Hotel. From archive ref MDC 00001 : 5 : 7 This is just
Extract from RCC Minute Book re letter from Master E Giles.
Extract from Rangitikei County Council Minute Book from archives ref RDC 00009 : 0 : 9 (page 399).
Letter from RCC to Master E Giles.
From inwards letter book, archives ref RDC 000115 : G018-2 : 45.
Guidelines for Teachers - Royal Visit 1920.
A sheet from 1920 providing guidelines for teachers and how they need to organise their students during the visit of the Prince of Wales to Dannevirke. From archive ref TDC