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The Woodville Riding would later become the Woodville County Council. While the Woodville Riding entries appear to be complete, the other areas are only partially covered. Index to PDF: County
c.1898 - c.1900
Contains the following letters: PDF Page # Description 1 Letter from G Lovejoy regarding Private H Ward's full name 2 Letter from E G Chatfield regarding Leslie Gordon Weaver's full
1915 - 1915
Notes: Bore Tile Arrangement, Layout of Type N Chlorination Plant, Pipe Support, Outlet Casting for Chemical Tanks, Details of Air Scour Header Pipe, Arrg’t of Air Lance and Bleed Cock
1949 - 1956
1965 - 1965
An alphabetical name index is available on pages 52-56.  
1898 - 1905