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Record: WW1: COUNCILS DO THEIR BIT - The Staff Go To War


The Staff Go To War

Council staff were not exempt from service and from all over NZ they joined up or were later conscripted. This is the story of Archibald Valentine Brown who volunteered for service, but never left NZ. A V Brown was the Deputy County Clerk for the Rangitikei County Council. He decided to join the service in 1915. The council provided him with a testimonial and granted him 12 months leave on half pay, which was extended a further 12 months in 1916.



Letter to the Council requesting a leave of absense for military service.

Reference: RDC 00115 : 40



Photo from 1912

Reference: RDC 00115 : 40




Council testemonial for A V Brown.

Reference: RDC 00067 : 2



Letter to council requesting a further extension of leave.

Reference: RDC 00067 : 30



Council letter refusing an extension of leave.

Reference: RDC 00067 : 30



(Above and two following images) A V Brown’s response following the council declining to extend his leave another 12 months.

Reference: RDC 00115 : 43






The Council confirmed that while they would not extend his leave any further, they still considered him to be an employee. Seeing no other option, A V Brown resigned from the service. A V Brown resumed working for the Rangitikei County on his return, remaining until his death in 1943.










Telegram to council notifying them of A V Brown’s discharge.

Reference: RDC 00115 : 43






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