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Record: WW1: COUNCILS DO THEIR BIT - War is Declared



 War is Declared

New Zealand received the news of the outbreak of war at 1 p.m. on 5 August 1914. Reaction in the official council minutes vary: some make no mention of the beginning of the war, while others record patriotic sentiments and farewells to staff and colleagues.


“This Council strongly approves and is prepared to assist by every means in its power the Government in its offer to the Empire of an Expeditionary Force if required.”

- Pahiatua County Council , 8th of August 1914
Reference: TDC 00480 : 5 Pages 115-116





“It was resolved that this Council desires to express a hope that the present serious state of affairs in Europe may soon take a more favourable turn and at the same time express its willingness, with all loyal subjects in the Dominion, to assist the Government and the Motherland in upholding the fine institutions of which all her overseas possessions are justly proud. May God defend the right.”

- Pohangina County Council, 8th of August, 1914
Reference: MDC 00350 : 4 Pages 533-534



“Commissioner Taylor also spoke in a feeling manner and hoped that the Chairman would return safe and sound, an honour to himself and a credit to us all, he could not say half what he felt, but earnestly trusted that the Chairman would be back again amongst them.“

- Hunterville Town Board, 10th of August, 1914
Reference: RDC 00107 : 2 Page 180





“The meeting was called by his Worship the Mayor (Geo Goldfinch Esq) to inform the Councillors of the Town Clerk’s intention to go to the front with the expeditionary force. The Mayor stated that Mr Curtis had asked for leave of abscence and he thought that no obstacle should be placed in the way. The Country would be called on to make sacrifices and the Council would have to do their share.”

- Ohakune Borough Council, 17th of August, 1914
Reference: RUA 00004 : 2 Page 432





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