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Record: Bridges of Rangitikei County Exhibition: Mangaweka Bridge


Bridges of Rangitikei County:

Mangaweka Bridge

Construction of the first bridge at the site started in 1896 and it was designed by the Public Works Department. Many of the land owners across the river had purchased their properties on the understanding that a bridge would be built, providing vital access to the main truck railway then under construction.

Work on the bridge had been held up several times due to flooding, but in April 1897 the biggest flood yet rushed down the Rangitikei River, sweeping away the construction gear and scaffolding. Two completed piers survived, but as they had been underwater during the flood it was felt the original design was no longer suitable.

By 1903 construction of the new bridge was finally underway. The central span was put in position on the 13th of July 1904 and the bridge was completed by September. Plans for an official opening ceremony chopped and changed and in the end no event appears to have been held.



Photo of Mangaweka Bridge in 1938.

Reference: A/2013/4 Box 11


Photo of the Mangaweka Bridge in the 1970s/80s.

Reference: A/2012/2 BV 112




Plan of the Mangaweka Bridge from 1899.

Reference: A/2012/2 Roll 318   










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