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Record: Bridges of Rangitikei County Exhibition: General


Bridges of Rangitikei County

We tend to take bridges for granted, until a storm or significant event damages them. Building up that type of infrastructure was a costly burden for the early county councils’ who had small populations but a large number of rivers. This exhibition highlights the effort that went into these vital communication and transport links. 



Unless destroyed in a disaster, old and new bridges would co-exist for a brief time. This is the Pukeroa Bridge, both old and new, 1949.

Reference: A/2013/4 box 11


Floods are a frequent hazard for bridges. This is the Braemore Bridge - looking upstream off Turakina Road post flood, 1940.

Reference: A/2013/4 box 11




Omaha Bridge, Bruce Road, left abutment washed out in 1976.

Reference: A/2014/13 box 11


Mangaohane Bridge Pier

Reference: A/2014/13 box 1 


Repairing a bridge could be complicated, as shown here the stream had to be diverted with a sandbag wall to allow repairs.

Reference: A/2013/4 box 11 






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