Flooding, 22/3/87-11/97

Filename: HBRC_00050_8-001.flv ( download )

Size: 11.8 MB

Recording type: video/x-flv

Full Length: 3 hrs. Summary: This shows flooding starting with the Esk River including aerial views from around the neighbouring districts. Flood relief work e.g. Building, stopbanks, inserting Poles. The last 20mins is following the swollen rivers by plane.

The following clip is a 5min example of the video

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Flooding, 22/3/87-11/97

Series No:HBRC 00050
Box No:1
Item No:8
Start Date:1987
End Date:1997
Format:Moving Image
Creating Agency:Hawke's Bay Regional Council
Series:Numbered Video Tapes