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Record: Using the Online Enquiry System


Note that if an enquiry is for archives held by more than one council, this will cause the enquiry to split into multiple entries grouped by council. All enquiries logged through this system will be forwarded to the relevent council, until Archives Central takes over providing access in mid 2012.

Archives Centreal Header.

To make use of the Online Enquiry System you must be logged in.  If you do not have a login click on register to sign up."

User logged in.

Once you have logged in you will now be able to add items to your Cart.

Search bar - Castlecliff town hal.

You can now search for the archives you wish to request.

Item Desc screen - Castlecliff town hall.

Once you have selected an item from the search results you can now add that item to your Cart.

Added to enquiry message.

If the item has been successfully added to your cart this message should appear above the item description

Cart screen - one item added.

Clicking on Cart will take you to "Your Cart" screen. "Delete" will remove the item from the Cart, "Clear all" will remove all items from your Cart. Once you are happy with the items you wish to request click "Checkout"

confirm enquiry details - completed.

You will then be asked to confirm a contact name, phone and additional information regarding your enquiry. Then click "Confirm Checkout" to process your order

Cart - Enquiry Checked Out.

Your enquiry has now been checked out and is now under action. This means that your enquiry has now been fowarded to the appropriate council to action. A staff member will then make contact with you to discuss your enquiry

To view checked out enquiry.

From your Cart you can click on your enquiry to show the details of that enquiry. The enquiry can still be cancelled at this point if it has not been maked as ready.

Ready enquiry.

Following being contacted by a staff member your enquiry will then be marked as ready and you will be able to view the items at the agreed time.

 Completed order.

Once you have finished viewing the items your enquiry is then complete. You can see your history of completed enquiries also by clicking on your Cart.