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Reference: HRC 00049

Record type: Series

Record: Rangitikei Wanganui Catchment Board Water Files

Rangitikei Wanganui Catchment Board Water Files

Series No:HRC 00049
Creating Agency:Rangitikei Wanganui Catchment Board and Regional Water Board
Start Date:1957
End Date:1990

By file number

Physical Characteristics:Codafile folders with two pronged plastic file holders
Shelf Metres:10.75
Location of Holdings:Archive Central

This series contains the correspondence files created by the Rangitikei Wanganui Catchment Board in their role as Regional Water Board. Although the earliest papers on file are from 1957, the system itself was started about 1968 and the majority of files are dated after this.

The files contain both inwards and outwards correspondence and may also contain maps, plans, photographs and ephemera. They provide evidence of the operational, legislative and administrative actions of the Rangitikei Wanganui Regional Water Board. The files cover such topics as water quality, water rights, waste treatment, dairies and piggeries, dams, factories, irrigation and correspondence with Government Departments and Local Authorities on water matters.

There are two main types of files in this system. Those with a WG/- prefix concern general water matters, while those with a W/- prefix relate to more specific areas. The W/- files are organised by catchment and then by subject.

Listed below are the main sub series in this file system:

WG/-                           General Administration

W/326/-                      Oroua Downs Catchment

W/327/-                      Rangitikei Catchment

W/328/-                      Waimohoro Catchment

W/329/-                      Koitiata Catchment

W/330/-                      Turakina Catchment

W/331/-                      Whangaehu Catchment

W/332/-                      Kaitoke Catchment

W/333U/-                   Upper Wanganui Catchment

W/333L/-                    Lower Wanganui Catchment

W/334-5/-                  Mowhanau – Kai Iwi Catchments   

W/336-7/-                  Ototoka – Okehu Catchments

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