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Reference: MDC 00114

Record type: Series

Record: Manawatu County Council Subdivision Files

Manawatu County Council Subdivision Files

Series No:MDC 00114
Creating Agency:Manawatu County Council
Start Date:1962
End Date:1990
Physical Characteristics:5 boxes
Previous Series:Subdivisions and Auction Plans
Subsequent Series:Kairanga County Council Subdivision Files
Related Series:Manawatu District Council [I] Inward and Outward Correspondence in Subject Files, Manawatu County Council Inward and Outward Correspondence in Subject Files, and Subdivisional Approval Files ("M" series)
Location of Holdings:Archive Central

This series contains subdivision files created by the Manawatu County Council. As originally formed, county councils had very little to do with subdivisions and the government Lands and Surveys Department was responsible for monitoring and approving subdivisions within counties. It wasn’t until the Land Subdivisions in Counties Act 1946 that provisions were made for counties to comment on subdivisions, but this did not give them the same authority that borough and city councils had. They didn’t receive those powers until the passing of the Counties Amendment Act 1961. The files in this series start in 1961. In 1988 the Manawatu and Kairanga Counties amalgamated to form the first Manawatu District Council. The Manawatu County subdivision files were closed off, though a small number of papers were placed on files after this date. In 1989 most of the former Kairanga County and part of the former Manawatu County were amalgamated with the Palmerston North City Council, records for those areas were transferred to the City Council.

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