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Reference: PNCC 2/23/17 : 0 : 1

Record type: Item

Record: Sewer & Stormwater Plan Map - Sheet 1

Sewer & Stormwater Plan Map - Sheet 1

Start Date:c.1970
End Date:c.1980
Creating Agency:Palmerston North City Council
Series:Maps and Plans: Sewerage System
Location of Holdings:Ian Matheson City Archives

Map plan entitled: "City Base Map - Sheet 1". Map plan shows an area spanning from Featherston street in the south, Palmerston North Airport in the north and Roberts Line to the east. Sewer lines are marked out in different colours according to construction and include numbering and width of piping.

Key shows asbestos cement, concrete lined cement, steel, cast iron, hyd conc & galvanised/copper piping.

Prepared for PNCC Town Planning Office from Survey Plans, L&S Cadastrals, & Val N Records by M C Morgan

Scale is 6 chains to 1 inch.

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Sewer & Stormwater Plan Map - Sheet 1

Series No:PNCC 2/23/17
Item No:1

Good-Fair condition. Browning and fading evident. No separation from hardboard evident.