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Reference: PNCC 00086 : 2 : 11-18

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Record: Palmerston North Maps, Future Planning

Palmerston North Maps, Future Planning

Start Date:c.2005
End Date:c.2007
Creating Agency:Palmerston North City Council
Series:Council Maps & Plans

Coloured maps showing future planning throughtout Palmerston North circa 2005 to 2007. Created by Palmerston North City Council.

Sheets are entitled as:

11) Vacant Industrial: Land Uptake 15/01/2002 - 31/12/2006. Map shows specific areas, street names, and an inset map of Maxwells Line. Key has subjects entitled: Industrial; North Eats Industrial; Vacant Industrial; and Vacant North East Industrial. Scale is 55mm to 1000m.

12) Limitation for Growth of the City. Key has subjects entitled: Places; Air Noise Contours; Ring Road Concepts; Roads; Palmerston North City Boundary; Eastern Corridor; Horizons Flood Zone; and Undevelopable land. Scale is 1 to 35,000.

13) Palmerston North City Current and Future Land Use Areas. Key has subjects entitled: Places; Air Noise Contours; Ring Road Concepts; Roads; Palmerston North City Boundary; Eastern Corridor; Ashhurst Private Plan Change; Midhurst Industrial Private Plan Change; Napier Road Private Plan Change; Fringe Business Council Initiated Plan Change; and Residential Growth. Scale is 1 to 36,406.

14) Palmerston North City Emergency Management - Palmerston North and Ashhurst. Main map is of Palmerston North, with an inset map of Ashhurst. Map features include: Reserves; Manawatu River; Cadastre (land parcels; Roads (Metal; Sealed; Unformed); Water (Bores; Well; Water Storage Unit; Water Pump; Tanker Filling Stations; Reservoir); PNCC Boundary; Stream/Tributary; Railway; PNCC Halls/Facilities; Rest Homes; Churches; Community Services; Halls; Education Centres. A gride reference is included. Scale is 1 to 20,000 for both maps.

15) Palmerston North Roading Infrastructure Works Programming 2006 to 2007 - Awapuni Ward. Map includes street names. Key has subjects entitled: Forward Works - Work Type: Area Wide Treatment; Cycle Roadmarking; Footpath Renewal; Intersection Upgrade; Kerb & Channel Renewal; Pedestrian Facilities; Reconstruction; Reseal; Rip & Remake; Smoothing; Street Upgrade; Thin AC Surfacing; Stormwater Renewal; New Watermain; Watermain Renewal; Underground Power. Scale is 1 to 5,000.

16) Untitled. Map shows a gride overlay of Palmerston North City with 120 grid reference numbers. Unknown scale.

17) 2006 Postcode Boundaries - Palmerston North City. Legend includes: Local Authority Boundary; Postcode Boundary; Ward Boundary. Scale is 10mm to 1km.

18) Fire Districts Extent 2006. Includes Ashhurst and shows all roads in the wider region. Key has subjects entitled: City Boundary (Boundary adjustments not applied); Roads (1 to 50,000); and Fire Regions (2006).

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Palmerston North Maps, Future Planning

Series No:PNCC 00086
Box No:2
Item No:11-18

Good condition. Slightly worn.