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Reference: PNCC 00085 : Box 4 : Item 1

Record type: Item

Record: Wall Hanging, Council Chambers

Wall Hanging, Council Chambers

Start Date:1980
End Date:1980
Creating Agency:Palmerston North City Council
Series:Library Assets
Location of Holdings:Ian Matheson City Archives

Wall hanging created by the Manawatu Embroiderers Guild for the Palmerston North City Council Chamber. Created in 1980.

The wall hanging is made up of six panels sewn together, each featuring a different section of the entire landscape scene. The panels are hand-stitched onto a heavy calico backing. A second layer of calico covers the backing and has a line of velcro machine stitched along the upper edge.  The embroidered panels are hemmed at the edges except for the right edge that has come away from the backing cloth.  The second layer of backing cloth has been hand sewn to the first backing cloth.

The panels are described from left to right:

Panel 1 - Blue linen base with dark brown/black knit rib material and sections of black netting form background to large tree.  The tree leaves are made from multi-coloured green wool stitching.  The tree trunk is made from brown upholstery material with brown and cream spun wool couched on to the fabric.  Fennel like flowers at lower left are stitched in lime green wool for the stems and light and dark cream French knots for the flowers.

Panel 2 - Green linen base with strip of dark brown/black knit rib material and black netting.  Two colours of green silk overlay surround garden area at centre left.  Near the upper edge a cream silk strip is overstitched with purple and white fly stitch.  Dark brown/black silk attached with herringbone stitch with running stitch for detail.  Three conifer trees stitched in dark green wool.  Garden represented at centre left of panel with pink and red silk gathered to represent flowers with French knots scattered through the silk and fly stitch stems.  Two birds stitched in green and brown fly stitch.  Lines of multi-coloured pink satin stitch at centre right of panel. Green fly stitch represents grass at lower left of panel.  Roots of tree from first panel extend into second panel made from spun fleece and tapestry wool couched on to the linen base.

Panel 3 - Orange linen base with dark brown/black knit rib material and black netting.  Large rose in multi-coloured pink silk padded trapunto with long and short multi-coloured short stitch for highlighting of petals.  Rose stem represented by multiple shades of green wool in stem stitch.  Lines of multi-coloured running stitch extend from the rose.  Lines of grey and brown satin stitch beneath rose.  Area with green satin stitch in wool and perle thread with brown French knots is set above lower area featuring grey French knots and random stitch with bands of pink and brown satin stitch.

Panel 4 - Light pink linen base with dark brown/black knit rib material and black netting.  Multi-coloured brown and green silk trapunto leaves near lower edge.  Running stitch in blue shades extends from the large silk rose that also features in Panel 3.  Beneath the large rose is a triple-stemmed rose with a flower and two buds in multiple shades of pink long and short stitch.  Rose stem in fine green wool with multi-coloured green and brown long and short stitch leaves.

Panel 5 - Green linen base with dark brown/black knit rib material and brown netting.  Sections of multi-coloured green and brown silk with lines of running stitch highlight detail of hills.  Lines of running stitch in various weights of wool and cotton represent land contours.  Panel features a tree with trunk made from grey wool overstitched with blanket stitch in brown wool.  Tree leaves have been created from lengths of shades of brown Appleton’s wool.  Loops of red and brown Appleton’s wool represent vegetation.  Three shades of brown wool of various weights in satin stitch represent stones or a pathway.

Panel 6 - Blue linen base with dark brown/black knit rib material and light maroon netting.  Strip of cream coloured silk near upper edge with spun cream and grey wool clouds over the top.  Blue wool fly stitch near upper edge.  Three trees and surrounding vegetation created in fly stitch at upper centre of panel. Gate in grey wool padded stitching.  Machine stitched lines run through rib trim.  Cream, green and blue silk trapunto flower with blue long-arm cross stitch near lower edge.  Multiple shades of brown satin stitch beneath flower

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Wall Hanging, Council Chambers

Series No:PNCC 00085
Box No:Box 4
Item No:Item 1

Good condition. Stitching is unbound along left and right sides. Extensive foxing spots and water stain across the outer layer of backing cloth. Foxing and stains have not penetrated to base layer of backing. This can be remedied by removal and replacement. Spots of glue at upper centre left of outer backing cloth. General wear and tear. Slight fading all over.


Wrapped in acid-free tissue