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Reference: PNCC 00085 : Box 6 : 1

Record type: Item

Record: Knowledge City Flag

Knowledge City Flag

Start Date:c.1995
End Date:c.2000
Creating Agency:Palmerston North City Council
Series:Library Assets
Location of Holdings:Ian Matheson City Archives

Knowledge City Flag created to market the motto of the Palmerston North City Council circa 1995.

Flag reads: "Get In The Know - Palmerston North", with the first 3 words in light blue and last 3 in black and white. Flag is made of light fabris, with a light maroon primary colour, a white polyester hoist and two snaphooks made of plastic and rope. All fabric is sewn together,

The ‘Knowledge City’ concept was one of Palmerston North’s more recent and sustained attempts at marketing itself. It forms the basis of one of the chapters currently being written for a new history of the city. In the 1990s this slogan was heavily dependent upon the existence of tertiary and research institutions in Palmerston North, promoting their economic benefits to the city and its businesses.

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Knowledge City Flag

Series No:PNCC 00085
Box No:Box 6
Item No:1

Very good condition