Dannevirke County Council Rate Book

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Riding PDF Page
Mangatoro Riding 1 to 7
Ngapaeruru Riding 8 to 12
Matamau Riding 13 to 21
Norsewood Outlying Riding 22 to 30
Norsewood Town District Riding 31 to 34
Ormondville Outlying Riding 35 to 43
Ormondville Town District Riding 44 to 50
Dannevirke Riding 51 to 68

Dannevirke County Council Rate Book

Start Date:1918
End Date:1919

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Dannevirke County Council Rate Book

Series No:TDC 00352
Box No:5
Item No:9
Format:Bound Volume
Series:Dannevirke County Council Rate Books
Creating Agency:Dannevirke County Council