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Reference: A/2014/3

Record type: Accession

Record: Building Permits and misc

Building Permits and misc

Accession Number:A/2014/3
Creating Agency:Tararua District Council, Pahiatua County Council, Eketahuna County Council, Dannevirke County Council, Dannevirke Borough Council, and Pahiatua Borough Council
Start Date:1905
End Date:2009
Location of Holdings:Archives Central

This is an unprocessed accession, some inaccuracies may exist and the quality of the listings are variable.

Creating Agency Box # Item # Item Description Notes Start Date End Date Format
Pahiatua County Council 1 1 White box of Building Permit Applications   1947 1949 File
Pahiatua County Council 2 2 White box of Building Permit Applications   1950 1952 File
Pahiatua County Council 3 3 White box of Building Permit Applications   1952 1954 File
Pahiatua County Council 4 4 White box of Building Permit Applications   1958 1960 File
Pahiatua County Council 5 5 White box of Building Permit Applications   1957 1958 File
Pahiatua County Council 6 6 White box of Permits for Plumbing and Drainage Work   1951 1981 File
DCC/DDC/TDC 7 7 Building Permits   1986 1990 File
TDC 8 8 Building Permits   1990 1991 File
Pahiatua Borough Council 9 9 Box of agreements, deads, grants To be itemised 1905 1989 Document
Eketahuna 10 10 Box of VHS Tapes "EKETAHUNA -  A Slice of Heaven"   ? ? VHS
Dannevirke Borough Council   BV 1 Sewerage Flow Charts   1976 1991 Cards
Dannevirke Borough Council   BV 2 Water Supply Flow Charts   1976 1991 Cards
TDC   BV 3 Series of index cards relatig to holdings at Eketahuna service Centre       Cards
Dannevirke County Council   BV 4 6 Volumes of ?Traffic of road/bridge ?weber ?DCC see also A/2012/5   1919 1920 Bound Volumes
TDC   BV 5 Tim Tam Newsletters   2006 2009 Bound Volumes
TDC   BV 6 Staff Newsletters    1990 2001 Bound Volumes
Eketahuna County Council   Roll 1-1 Plans of Pahiatua Underground Telephone System       Maps/Plans
Eketahuna County Council   Roll 1-2 Plan of Pleckville Rural Water Supply   1944 1944 Maps/Plans


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Building Permits and misc

Received From:Tararua District Council
Acquisition Date:2014-05-21