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Reference: A/2018/1

Record type: Accession

Record: Deeds and Microfiche

Deeds and Microfiche

Accession Number:A/2018/1
Creating Agency:Tararua District Council
Start Date:1980
End Date:2001

By deed number and microfiche is as tranferred

Location of Holdings:Archives Central

This is an unprocessed accession, some inaccuracies may exist and the quality of the listings are variable.

Note that most entries do not presently have dates recorded. Some may be earlier than 1980.

Accession Item # Description Other Party Start Date End Date Format Deed #
1 Contract 1E/91 Eketahuna Water Supply Intake AT & PJ Brownell     Document 203
2 Contract 55G/91 Sports Centre Redevelopment Tararua Roading Ltd     Document 205
3 Contract 11D/92 Ruahine Street Stormwater Diversion Tararua Roading Ltd     Document 213
4 Agreement re the Issue of Government Stock Reserve Bank of New Zealand     Document 214
5 Agreement for the Establishment of a Community Centre in the Old Dannevirke Public Library Rosemeade Society     Document 215
6 Contract 7E/92 Tiraumea Road Watermain Replacement Contractor Tararua Roading Ltd     Document 221
7 Tararua District Library Trust HM Dodson; JA Stone; KS McCarthy; L Gordon; MP Mason; JM Irving Document 231
8 Contract for Services to Council  Tarabyte     Document 232
9 Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Timber MRGC NZ Venture     Document 233
10 Share Certificate Central Power     Document 238
11 Contract 5F/93 Recreation Park Pahiatua Drainage  Busst Contractors     Document 242
12 Contract 4E/93 Eketahuna Water Intake Main Replacement AT & PJ Brownell     Document 244
13 Heads of Agreement - Trees on Road Reserve Putara Valley Road WM Manser      Document 247
14 Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Timber MRGC NZ Venture     Document 249
15 Debenture and Satisfaction of Charge Rural Housing Loan $50000 Housing Corporation     Document 250
16 Variation to Agreement and Purchase of Timber MRGC NZ Venture     Document 252
17 Agreement for Definition of River Mouths and Land ward Boundary of Coastal Marine Area Wellington Regional Council     Document 254
18 Contract 22B/93 Upgrading of Barraud Street Toilets Wolcan Construction Co. Ltd     Document 255
19 Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate - Princess St Subdivision DV Fredericksen     Document 256
20 Deed of Trust Tararua Aquatic Community Trust     Document 259
21 Debenture and Memorandum of Satisfaction - Rural Housing Loans Housing Corporation     Document 262
22 Contract 11B/93 Eketahuna Public Office / Library Alterations Wolcan Construction Co. Ltd     Document 263
23 Deeds of Covenant - Equity Funding Agreement; Service Agreement; Joint Venture Agreement Tararua Forests Ltd     Document 264
24 Satisfaction of Charge Loan Number Two $50000 Housing Corporation     Document 266
25 Denmark Street Lease Agreement  Denmark Holdings Ltd     Document 268
26 Agreement to Provide Services by the Health Protection Section and Health Services Section Mid Central Health     Document 271
27 Debentures and Notice of Satisfaction of Charge: Rural Housing Loan No. 9; Community Housing Pensioner Flats; Tenant Contribution Flats  Housing Corporation     Document 273
28 Agreement re Crusher Makuri Lime Company     Document 274
29 Contract 2E/94 Eketahuna Water Intake Main Replacement Tararua Roading Ltd     Document 277
30 Repaid Debentures and Satisfaction of Charges; Documents - Various Rural Housing Loans Housing Corporation     Document 278
31 Agreement in respect of Jones Street Drain Railways Department     Document 279
32 Guarantee of $40000 loan for the Akitio Recreation and Sports Club Trust Bank Central Ltd     Document 282
33 Site Sale Agreement Douglas Hooper Smith     Document 283
34 Lease No. 59011 Land at Woodville Railway Station for Pound Railways Department     Document 284
35 Contractors Bond Deed - Installation of Utility Services  Tararua Roading Ltd     Document 285
36 Mangatera Corner of Otanga Street Railway Reserve; Memorandum of Transfer - Easement Coronation Park; Deed of Trust Dannevirke Airport Authority; Deed of Grant of Easement Dannevirke Airport Authority; RH Higginson     Document 286
37 Agreement to Lease Deed of Grant of Plant and Equipment Contract for Swimming Services Tararua Aquatic Community Trust     Document 287
38 Easement Agreement Pongaroa Rural Water Supply SJB Wardle     Document 289
39 Plans and Specifications - Eketahuna Public Toilets       Document 300
40 Deed of lease Tararua District Library Trust     Document 302
41 Akitio Camping Ground Sale and Purchase of Real Estate AD & RJ Gilbert     Document 303
42 Local Authority Arts Scheme Agreement Creative Communities NZ      Document 304
43 Contract 9B/95 Coronation Park - Changing Rooms Mitchell & Greatbach     Document 306
44 Agreement Between Crime Prevention Unit of Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet & TSCC Tararua Safer Community Council     Document 308
45 Deed of Assignment - Gordon Street Carpark Brookby Licence     Document 310
46 Court Orders Issued by Dannevirke District Court Declaring Land is Abandoned in Accordance with the powers within the Rating Powers Act 1988 David Cockburn     Document 311
47 Lease Agreement - Dannevirke Meeting Room Douglas Richard Scott     Document 315
49 Leasing Agreement and Adjustment of Boundary  Hartridge Family     Document 317
50 Agreement For Sale and Purchase  Johan Devendans     Document 319
51 Certificate of Exemption From Interest And Dividend PAYE Inland Revenue     Document 320
52 Pongaroa Rural Water Supply Contract Pongaroa Rural Water Supply Society Inc     Document 323
53 Lease and Management Agreement Alfredton Domain Ltd     Document 327
54 Covenant Under Section 108 of the Resource Management Act 1991 JD Blair & TM Johnson     Document 340
55 Miscellaneous Documents re Tararua Aquatic - Loan etc Tararua Aquatic Community Trust     Document 356; 383
56 Contract 2E/96 Dannevirke Water Supply Intake Line Replacement - Laws Road Tararua Roading Ltd     Document 357
57 Implementation of the National Roading Programme Transfund      Document 359
58 Contract 1B/98 Woodville Fountaine Square Toilet Renovations Brent Frampton Builder     Document 365
59 Licence to Use Data Land Information NZ     Document 370; 388
60 Licence to Use Data Terralink NZ     Document 371
61 Refer 356       Document 383
62 Agreement re Dissolution of the Trust Tararua Enterprise Trust     Document 387
63 Refer 370       Document 388
64 Agreement - Land for Public Refuse Transfer Depot Alfredton Domain Ltd     Document 394
65 Contract 22B/98 Dannevirke Sports Centre - Pavillion Alterations Mitchell & Greatbach     Document 395
66 Review of ward boundaries Terralink NZ     Document 403
67 Woodville Water Intake - Main Replacement Tararua Roading Limited     Document 419
68 Agreement re Ownership - (Section 1 - Block V - Makuri Survey District) LCM Tylee - J G Gardiner     Document 423
69 Tararua Mayoral Drought Relief Fund Trustees:  Ussher - Donald - Bly     Document 425
70 Drainage Installation - Eketahuna Domain Tractors Ag & Turf Limited     Document 439
71 Pahiatua Recreation Ground Drainage  Tractors Ag & Turf Limited     Document 446
72 Service Agreement and Deed of Lease  Tararua District Library Trust     Document 451
73 Committed Cash Advance Facility Agreement Bank Of New Zealand     Document 454
74 Forestry Encouragement Loan Agreements  Eketahuna County Council and Dannevirke County Council   Document 455
75 Agreements For Sale and Purchase of Shares in Tararua Roading Limited and Tararua Forests Limited  TDC Holdings Limited      Document 456
76 Standby Disaster Recovery Facility  Bank Of New Zealand     Document 458
77 Memorandum of Satisfaction of Debenture - Dannevirke & Pahiatua County Council Home Mortgage Company 1980 1980 Document 460
78 Pahiatua Watermain Replacement  Bri-Ken + Associates 1999 1999 Document 465
79 Deed of Variation to Agency Agreement Reserve Bank of New Zealand 1999 1999 Document 467
80 Streetlight Ownership Agreement  Central Power Limited      Document 471
81 Memorandum of Satisfaction of Debenture - Eketahuna County Council Housing Corporation 1983 1983 Document 474
82 Streetlight Ownership Agreement  Tararua District Council and Scanpower Limited    Document 475
83 Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate  O.D and C.R Burrel  Eketahuna      Document 476
84 Eketahuna Baths New Changing Rooms Contract  Brent Frampton Builder  1999 1999 Document 477
85 Memorandum of Satisfaction of Debenture - Dannevirke County Council Housing Corporation     Document 480
86 Flowmeter Equipment Buildings  Brent Frampton Builder  1999 1999 Document 483
87 Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Flow Meters Alstom NZ Ltd     Document 490
88 Memorandum of Satisfaction of Debenture - Eketahuna County Council Home Mortgage Company 1999 1999 Document 491
89 Pahiatua Track Stages 5 & 6 Byfords Construction Co. Ltd     Document 493
90 Eketahuna Swimming Pool Committee - Management Agreement ESPC     Document 497
91 McFarlanes Bridge Bed Control Structure Tim McColl Contracting     Document 498
92 McFarlanes Bridge Tree Gabion Works G.V. Boness Ltd     Document 499
93 Pipeline on Pori Road with Pori Water Scheme Incorporated The Society     Document 504
94 Lease Agreement with Tranz Rail Ltd for Land at Woodville Railway Station for Beautification Purposes Tranz Rail     Document 505
95 Eketahuna Reservoir Design & Build Timbertank Enterprises Ltd     Document 506
96 To Provide Civil Defence Services City Enterprises - Palmerston North City Council   Document 519
97 Communication Pole Site Licence David Russell Galloway 2000 2000 Document 524
98 Powerco Share Certificate and Certificate for Fixed Rate Unsecured Unsubordinated Bonds     Document 526
99 Sale & Purchase Tararua Forests Limited       Document 527
100 Charge and Wholesale Term Loan  Westpac Banking Corporation     Document 528 & 529
101 See 528       Document 529
102 Lease - Woodville Water Supply - (on  behalf) J P Dodson, J A H Inglis & J B Inglis     Document 533
103 Compliance Certificate - Deed of Charge re: Rates & Rates Revenue - Deed Poll etc Reserve Bank of NZ     Document 537
104 Deed of Charge NZ Local Government Finance Corporation Ltd   Document 539
105 Electricity Supply - Street Lights & Under Verandah lights Genesis Power     Document 549
106 Various documents re Trust Tararua Aquatic Community Trust     Document 555
107 Eketahuna Camp Ground Management A G VanderWeil     Document 577
108 SPNAM Founding Stakeholdership Franklin District Council     Document 579
109 Confidentiality Agreement  Natural Gas & QV & Meritec Ltd     Document 588
110 Microfiche of Notices of Sale, Rates and Ledger Records   1990 2001 Microfiche  


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Deeds and Microfiche

Received From:Tararua District Council
Acquisition Date:2018-01-19