About Archives Central

The Archives Central database is one of the outcomes of the Regional Archives Project through MW LASS Ltd (Manawatū-Whanganui Local Authority Shared Services Ltd). It is an online digital repository for listing member council’s archival collections and making digital versions of them available. The Whanganui District Council and Palmerston North City Council manage their own archival storage. The other seven councils have placed their archives in a shared facility in Feilding.

Click on the map below to select a council and start browsing or searching through their collection:

Map of council regions

About the Digital Repository

Archives Central utilises a host of open source software and services. As one of the first in the world to implement the platform, Archives Central's repository is run on Islandora 8 using a Drupal front-end and incorporates other services such as Solr enterprise-search platform, RDF Triplestore graph database, Cantaloupe dynamic image server and OpenSeaDragon web-based viewer. The digital repository is now positioned to both adapt to future content and adhere to international standards.

Below: The case study presentation from Catalyst IT on the Islandora Foundation youtube channel.

The original Archives Central Digital Repository was run on Kete open-source software developed by Horowhenua Library Trust and managed by Katipo Communications Ltd. The original site can be viewed at kete.archivescentral.org.nz and has been archived with DigitalNZ for future web researchers.

About MW LASS Ltd

Manawatū-Whanganui Local Authority Shared Services Ltd (MW LASS) was created in 2008 to provide a platform on which collaborative projects could be based between the seven councils in the Horizons Region. Under MW LASS, a number of projects have been initiated with two objectives: firstly, improved service to all the participating councils; and, secondly, reduced costs to ratepayers. Archives Central is one of these projects.

About the Archives Central Logo

The Archives Central logo, which can be seen at the top left on the pages of the website, contains the following elements and representations:

  • The lines represent the ordered process involved in archiving;
  • The central mustard coloured element represents the heart of the project and the Koru. The Koru represents new beginnings, new life and abundance in Māori culture.