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Foxton Map and misc records from Service Centre A/2015/12
Bridge Registers and Maps and Plans A/2016/9
Agendas for County Meetings and valuation maps A/2015/15
Old Photos of Levin (copies) A/2015/19
Employee Newsletters and maps A/2016/4
Wellington Education Board plans A/2013/44
Misc items A/2014/2
Maps and plans A/2016/3
Maps and Plans A/2016/2
Driver Licensing Stamp A/2016/32
Woodville County Photos from Woodville Pioneer Museum A/2017/18
Woodville Office Maps and Plans A/2017/14
MDC 9000 and misc maps and plans A/2017/5g
Archives Indexes and Misc A/2018/21
Misc maps A/2016/35
Compliance and Resource Consent Records A/2017/19
Transfer with Processed Archives A/2012/1 1874-1998
Maps, Plans and Council Portraits A/2013/43 1874-1995
Unprocessed records, maps and photographs A/2013/4 1874-1994
Certificate of Title for Section 207, Sanson A/2017/3 1874-1999
Maps and plans from Woodville Service Centre A/2013/22 1875-1993
Photographs, Maps and Plans, Woodville A/2019/15 1875 (year approximate)-1987
Infrastructure maps and plans A/2014/16 1878-2013
Photos and Documents from Woodville Museum and Pahiatua Library A/2018/3 1878-1981
Index Cards, Microfiche Aperture Cards and Photographs A/2018/6 1878-2006
Kiwitea County Maps and Plans (4000 sequence) A/2017/5c 1879-1989
Misc items, maps and photographs A/2015/11 1882-2005
Volumes and maps A/2013/38 1885-1995
Pre-1989 archives from Recall A/2012/6 1885-2006
Agreements, Valuation Slips and Common Seal A/2013/19 1885-1994
Misc records and artefacts A/2016/26 1885-2006
Photo Boards and Documents from Woodville Museum A/2018/4 1886 (year approximate)-1985
Misc Archives A/2018/19 1887-1995
Foxton Cemetery Maps and misc A/2013/32 1888-2013
Maps, Plans, Photos and misc documents A/2015/10 1888-2009
Map and Plan collection A/2016/36b 1888-2012
Cemetery Plans and Order Papers A/2018/5 1888-2007
Various unprocessed records
A/2013/9 1890-2005
Transfer with Processed Archives A/2012/3 1890-1995
Legal Documents, Valuation Slips and misc records A/2017/1 1894-1999
Plans and Payroll A/2018/2 1894-2010
Manawatu and Kairanga County Maps and Plans (2000 sequence) A/2017/5b 1895-1985
Rate Book and misc A/2017/7 1895-2016
Aerial photographs misc A/2015/2 1898-1898
Photo Albums of floods A/2013/11 1900-1992
Maps and plans A/2013/23 1900-2005
Legal Agreements and misc documents A/2014/5 1900-1972
Cemetery files, Electoral Rolls and misc A/2018/25 1900-2001
Maps and books A/2015/1 1902 (year approximate)-1981
Catchment Board Photo Albums and Reports A/2013/1 1903-1993