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Misc records and artefacts A/2016/26 1885-2006
Misc records and Library Trust Photos A/2015/18 1975-1995
Misc records and photos A/2016/24 1986-1998
Misc Records found on Mezzanine floor A/2013/8 1947-1998
Negatives, Photos and Misc Records A/2017/16 1923-2006
Newspaper Clipping books and misc A/2017/2 1912-2013
Notices of Sale A/2016/1 1959-1987
NZMS Cadastral Maps with Aerial Survey Runs Overlaid A/2019/20 1961-1990 (year approximate)
Old Photos of Levin (copies) A/2015/19
Order Papers A/2018/7 1981-1989
Pahiatua Borough and Tararua District staff photos A/2013/18 1986-1990 (year approximate)
Permit records and reference documents A/2015/14 1969-2007
Photo album of early Kairanga County Council works A/2014/7 1930 (year approximate)-1950 (year approximate)
Photo albums and loose photographs and negatives A/2014/13 1936-2000
Photo Albums of floods A/2013/11 1900-1992
Photo Boards and Documents from Woodville Museum A/2018/4 1886 (year approximate)-1985
Photographs and Documents A/2015/6 1924-1959
Photographs and Misc Archives A/2018/20 1958-1996
Photographs of Board members and other photos A/2013/29 1952-1988
Photographs, Maps and Plans, Woodville A/2019/15 1875 (year approximate)-1987
Photos and Documents from Woodville Museum and Pahiatua Library A/2018/3 1878-1981
Photos of 2004 Flood and Rural Services Engineers Report A/2015/27 1988-2005
Photos taken by County Engineer, Ian Cumberworth A/2018/26 1960-1983
Piki Kotuku - Mt Stewart 1990 records A/2018/11 1989-1990
Plan Registers and Photos A/2016/13 1948-1991
Planning maps A/2015/24 1978-1987
Plans and Payroll A/2018/2 1894-2010
Plans of Rangitikei Bridges and misc docs A/2018/29 1983-1983
Pohangina County Maps and Plans (5000 sequence) A/2017/5d 1962-1988
Pre-1989 archives from Recall A/2012/6 1885-2006
Rate Book A/2014/8 2013-2014
Rate Book and maps and plans A/2016/17 2015-2016
Rate Book and misc A/2017/7 1895-2016
Rate Book and misc maps A/2015/17 1945-2015
Rate Books A/2015/25 1962-1990
Rating and Valuation maps A/2015/4 1997-1997
Records found at Pahiatua Service Centre A/2013/7 1966-1989
Records of committees and planning department, including Electoral Rolls A/2019/5 1927-2014
Records of Covering Marton Civic Pool A/2017/8 1988-1990
Reports A/2013/10 1988-1988
Reports and Committees-Order papers A/2018/8 1999-2001
Resource Consent files A/2017/10 1977-2012
Resource Consents and Water Rights records A/2015/28 1968-2011
Royal Visit 2012 A/2018/17 2012-2012
Rural Housing Files and misc documents A/2013/25 1956-2005
Schemes, Maps and Plans, Contracts, Branding Guide and Misc Documents A/2019/14 1910-2016
Set of photos of Quarry and Stopbank Construction
A/2016/12 1960-1960
Set of plans of Feilding Public Library A/2015/22 2001-2002
Six Aerials of the 1937 Manawatu River Survey A/2018/12 1937-1937
Sketches by Dinah White A/2018/9 1975 (year approximate)-1985 (year approximate)