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Royal Visit 2012 A/2018/17 2012-2012
Rural Housing Files and misc documents A/2013/25 1956-2005
Schemes, Maps and Plans, Contracts, Branding Guide and Misc Documents A/2019/14 1910-2016
Set of photos of Quarry and Stopbank Construction
A/2016/12 1960-1960
Set of plans of Feilding Public Library A/2015/22 2001-2002
Sketches by Dinah White A/2018/9 1975 (year approximate)-1985 (year approximate)
Tararua Consultancy Staff Photos A/2015/20 1998-2002
Tararua District Council Annual & District Plans A/2021/16 1950-2022
Tararua District Council Central Filing System (By Subject) A/2020/2 1968-2017
Tararua District Council Engineering Services Records A/2021/10 1978-2020
Tararua District Council ex-Library Files A/2021/7 1905-03-22-2008-11-01
Tararua District Council Organisations Material A/2021/4 1875-06-22-2008-10-01
Transfer from Hawke's Bay Regional Council A/2022/8 1855-2019
Transfer with Processed Archives A/2012/4 1907-1993
Transfer with Processed Archives A/2012/3 1890-1995
Transfer with Processed Archives A/2012/1 1874-1998
Transfer with Processed Archives A/2012/2 1968-2008
Transport photographs of buses, shelters etc A/2013/31 1992-2001
Unprocessed items transferred with other archives A/2013/35 1911-2012
Unprocessed items transferred with other archives A/2019/4 1955-2004
Unprocessed records, maps and photographs A/2013/4 1874-1994
Valuation Slips, Financial records and misc documents A/2014/12 1939-1998
Various files and a photo album A/2013/27 1987-1992
Various records A/2014/15 1953-2008
Various Unprocessed Records A/2013/9 1890-2005
Video tapes of 2004 Feb floods A/2016/15 2004-2004
Volumes and maps A/2013/38 1885-1995
Water Level and Rainfall Event Data, Manawatu-Whanganui Region A/2019/13 1945-2004
Wellington Education Board plans A/2013/44
Woodville and Eketahuna Centennial Spoons A/2018/14 1973-1975
Woodville County Photos from Woodville Pioneer Museum A/2017/18
Woodville Office Maps and Plans A/2017/14
Woodville Office Photographs A/2013/3 1987-2001
Woodville Valuation Slips, TDC Newspaper Clipping books and Rural Housing Files A/2013/33 1995-2002