Fitzherbert Road Board

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The Fitzherbert Road Board was established in 1889 to administer the land between the south bank of the Manawatu River and Tararua Range, formerly controlled by the Manawatu Road Board. The Fitzherbert Road Board remained as a separate administration until 1902, when it was amalgamated with the Manawatu Road Board to form the new county of Kairanga.

Corporate Body Type
Government Organization
Related Entities
is antecedent of (RiC-R016): Kairanga County Council
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Manawatu Road Board


Name Sort descending Identifier Dates
Accounts for payment PNCC K2/6/4 1895-1896
Bank Account Books PNCC K2/6/2 1889-1898
Cash Books PNCC K2/6/1 1889-1902
Cheque Book PNCC K2/6/7 1899-1901
Correspondence with Government Treasury PNCC K2/11/1 1890-1899
Crown Lands - Schedule of “Thirds” and “Fourths” PNCC K2/15/1 1895-1901
Crown Lands Guide PNCC K2/15/2 1889
Dog Registration Receipt Book PNCC K2/10/2 1892
Fitzherbert Road Board - Rates and Valuation PNCC K2/5/1 1893-1898
Inward Correspondence PNCC K2/3/1 1890-1901
Inward Correspondence PNCC K2/3/2 1897-1899
Legal Documents PNCC K2/4/1 1900-1901
Legal Documents PNCC K2/4/2 1890
Map of Fitzherbert Road District PNCC K2/16/2 1894
Minutes PNCC K2/1/1 1889-1902
Newspaper cuttings PNCC K2/9/1 1892-1897
Nomination Papers for Board Election PNCC K2/7/1 1892-1894
Outward Correspondence PNCC K2/2/1 1890-1902
Payment Vouchers PNCC K2/6/5 1890-1891
Plans of Road and Bridge Construction PNCC K2/16/1 1889-1901
Rates and Valuation PNCC K2/5/2 1894-1895
Rates and Valuation PNCC K2/5/3 1891-1895
Rates and Valuation PNCC K2/5/4 1896
Rates and Valuation PNCC K2/5/5 1890-1893
Rates and Valuation PNCC K2/5/6 1899
Rates and Valuation PNCC K2/5/7 1897-1898
Rates and Valuation PNCC K2/5/8 1890-1902
Receipt Book PNCC K2/6/3 1890-1897
Return of Dogs Registered PNCC K2/10/1 1890-1891
Road and Bridge Contracts PNCC K2/12/1 1890-1897
Slaughtering Fees PNCC K2/8/1 1889-1901
Staff - Schedule of Duties PNCC K2/13/1 1893-1895
Statement of Estimated receipts and expenditure PNCC K2/6/6 1896-1897
Statistical Returns PNCC K2/14/1 1901