Foxton Borough Council

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The Foxton Borough Council was formed from the Foxton Town Board in 1888.

On 3 October 1920 a fire destroyed the Municipal Offices, Council Chambers and Public Library. The HDC 00021:5:5 Council minutes record that "with the exception of a fair portion of the contents of the offices, the whole building had become a total loss". It is unclear from this what impact the fire had on the Foxton Borough records, but it is clear that some survived the fire.

The Borough continued until 1989 when it was amalgamated with a number of other authorities to form the Horowhenua District Council.

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Government Organization
Related Entities
is antecedent of (RiC-R016): Horowhenua District Council
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Foxton Town Board


Name Sort descending Identifier Dates
A Visual and Administrative Record of Progress [Whites Aviation Aerial Photos] HDC 00320 1965-1965
Accounts and Balance Sheets, Published Copies HDC 00048 1896-1987
Building Permit Registers HDC 00031 1923-1989
Bylaws HDC 00239 1922-1922
Card Index to Minutes HDC 00243 1964-1972
Contracts, Office Copies HDC 00058 1965-1988
Correspondence File Series HDC 00015 1957-2010
Correspondence files (1st sequence) HDC 00241 1903-1965
Correspondence files (2nd sequence) HDC 00242 1965-1987
Deeds and Legal Agreements HDC 00304 1932-1977
District Scheme Change Files HDC 00016 1985-1989
Fire Bylaw HDC 00255 1975-1975
Foxton Borough Council District Schemes, Reviews and Changes HDC 00376 1977-10-01-1995-02-01
Foxton Borough Council Subdivision Files HDC 00056 1973-1989
Foxton Cemetery Burial Records and Headstone Inscriptions HDC 00070 1867-1987
Foxton War Memorial, Financial Statements and Working Papers HDC 00256 1953-1953
Health Inspector files HDC 00249 1972-1988
Index for Minute Books HDC 00137 1974-1989
Individual Pay Record [Staff Wages] HDC 00163 1978-1989
Ledger Cards [Expenditure, Receipts and Plant cards] HDC 00169 1978-1987
Minutes of Centennial Celebrations Committee and the Entertainment Committee Meetings HDC 00261 1955-1956
Minutes of Centennial Memorial Fund Committee Meetings HDC 00268 1939-1941
Minutes of Committee Meetings HDC 00030 1989-1989
Minutes of Committee Meetings HDC 00049 1918-1953
Minutes of Council Meetings HDC 00021 1888-1989
Minutes of Foxton War Memorial Committee Meetings HDC 00262 1951-1955
Newspaper Clipping Books HDC 00303 1965-1988
Objections to District Scheme HDC 00017 1976-1977
Outwards Correspondence Index (1982-1988) and Dangerous Goods Licence Register (1925-1929) and Billiard Room License Register (1926-1936) HDC 00258 1925-1988
Photograph of Mayor, Councillors and Staff HDC 00217 1977-1983
Photographs of Mayors HDC 00216 1888-1989
Rate Cards HDC 00092 1958-1988
Register of Premises [Licences] HDC 00269 1966-1980
Registration Certificates [Health Licences] HDC 00267 1980-1987
Registration of Premises and Dangerous Goods Licence HDC 00266 1979-1981
Souvenir of the Fiftieth Jubilee HDC 00240 1888-1938
Statement of Reserves and Real Estate and Rent Statements HDC 00259 1968-1981
Town Planning Files HDC 00014 1964-1994
Treasurer's Book for Patriotic Committee (1940-1945) and the Centennial Celebrations (1955) HDC 00260 1940-1955
Valuation Notices for Council Property HDC 00270 1972-1987
Valuation slips HDC 00089 1953-1990