Foxton Harbour Board

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Although an earlier Harbour Board was established in 1876, this achieved very little and quickly disappeared. By the 1900s the port was largely run by the New Zealand Railways Department. Complaints from the locals about money from the port being spent elsewhere lead to the passing of the Foxton Harbour Board Act in 1908. The Board was given control of the foreshore area from the Heads to McGregors Bend, but not the existing wharf. The first meeting of the Board was in 1909.

The Board eventually took over the Railway Wharf in 1925. An area at the Heads was given to the Board as an endowment and was developed into a settlement for holiday homes (now called Foxton Beach). Leasing these properties provided an income stream to the Board.

The Port received fewer and fewer visits over the 1930s, with the last ship visiting in 1942. The Board continued for a while, with a large part of its business being the administration and development of Foxton Beach. The Board was finally disestablished in 1956. The endowment lands were passed to the Manawatu County Council and any other assets went to the Crown and the Minister of Marine.

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is antecedent of (RiC-R016): Manawatu County Council