Hawke's Bay Catchment Board and Regional Water Board

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The Hawke's Bay Catchment Board was constituted by an Order in Council on September 23 1943. The first meeting of the Board was held on the 12th of July 1944. In 1970 the Catchment Board was appointed as the Regional Water Board for the Hawke's Bay. In 1989 it amalgamated with the Hawkes Bay Pest Destruction Board and other authorities to form the Hawke's Bay Regional Council.

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Government Organization
Related Entities
is antecedent of (RiC-R016): Hawke's Bay Regional Council
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Hawke's Bay Rivers Board
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Omarunui Drainage Board


Name Sort descending Identifier Dates
Agendas and Correspondence Schedules HBRC 00032 1982-1989
Agendas, Reports and Minutes HBRC 00014 1983-1983
Annual Reports HBRC 00058 1983-1989
Classification Working Files HBRC 00010 1964-1987
Engineer's Catchment files HBRC 00057 1944-1970
Engineer's Files HBRC 00012 1949-1969
Expenditure Ledgers HBRC 00045 1947-1974
Files of P K Simons HBRC 00049 1970-1987
Haumoana Sewage and Septic Subject Files HBRC 00095 1986-1998
Hawke's Bay Catchment Board Administration Subject Files, 1st sequence HBRC 00013 1957-1974
Hawke's Bay Catchment Board Administration Subject Files, 2nd sequence HBRC 00056 1944-1995
Hazardous and Toxic Waste Management Files HBRC 00100 1979-1996
Historical Information on Floods and River Protection Works in the Heretaunga Plains HBRC 00055 1897-1960
Index to Board Minute Books HBRC 00019 1944-1989
Index to Rochfort files HBRC 00081
Indexes to Regional Water Board Minute Books HBRC 00021 1970-1989
Irrigation Survey HBRC 00093 1972-1973
Ledger, Upper Tuki-Tuki Construction, Subsidised HBRC 00042 1967-1970
Minutes of Authority Meetings and Meeanee Drainage Advisory Committee meetings HBRC 00031 1957-1975
Minutes of Board Meetings HBRC 00018 1944-1989
Minutes of Regional Water Board meetings HBRC 00020 1970-1989
Miscellaneous Records HBRC 00009 1950-1987
Newspaper Clipping Books HBRC 00017 1969-1987
Newspaper Clippings HBRC 00059 1968-1979
Newspaper Clippings HBRC 00060 1969-1985
Numbered Video Tapes HBRC 00050 1985-2003
Publications HBRC 00077 1985-1989
Resource Consents and Water Rights files HBRC 00084 1968-2017
Scrapbook of Rights that have been Advertised HBRC 00016 1969-1982
Soil Conservation files HBRC 00076 1957-1972
Timber Treatment - Consents and Contamination Issues HBRC 00098 1982-1992
Waipukurau Engineering Staff Letter Books HBRC 00079 1957-1991
Water Right Applications Registers HBRC 00022 1968-1991
Well Logs of wells drilled by V F Boag Ltd HBRC 00067 1972-1973