Hawke's Bay Regional Council

HBRC 0.0
Has Beginning Date

The Hawke's Bay Regional Council was set up in 1989 as an amalgamation of Catchment Boards, Pest Destruction Boards, United Councils and Noxious Plant Authorities in the region. It was created as part of a wider reform of local government in New Zealand, which saw significant changes in how local government operated and in what form. A transitional committee was appointed to guide the amalgamation work for the region and this was based at the offices of the Hawke's Bay Catchment Board, which was the principal local authority.

Corporate Body Type
Government Organization
Related Entities
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Hawke's Bay Pest Destruction Board [II]
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Marketing and Development Hawke's Bay Ltd


Name Sort descending Identifier Dates
Air Quality Records HBRC 00092 1993-1996
Annual Plans HBRC 00065 1991-1998
Central Hawke's Bay Oxidation Ponds HBRC 00094 1989-1996
Compliance Monitoring files HBRC 00083 1991-2011
Contaminated Sites HBRC 00102 1994-1997
Harbour Master's files (blue file covers) HBRC 00048 1990-2001
Harbour Master's files (codafiles) HBRC 00054 2001-2011
Hastings District Water Meter Returns HBRC 00097 1990-1998
Haumoana Sewage and Septic Subject Files HBRC 00095 1986-1998
Hawke's Bay Regional Council Administration Subject Files, 1st sequence HBRC 00001 1989-2002
Hawke's Bay Regional Council Annual Reports HBRC 00063 1990-1998
Hawke's Bay Regional Council Consent Advertising HBRC 00090 1990-10-1998-12
Hawke's Bay Regional Council Draft Annual & Ten Year Plans HBRC 00064 1991-1998
Hawke's Bay Regional Council Regional Landcare Scheme HBRC 00091 1991-2002
Hawkes Bay Regional Council Publications HBRC 00078 1991-1993
Hazardous and Toxic Waste Management Files HBRC 00100 1979-1996
Indexes to Minute Books HBRC 00024 1989-2000
Lake Poukawa files created by Environmental Management Services HBRC 00047 1995-1998
Lake Poukawa reference files created by Ian Boothroyd HBRC 00053 1986-1995
Marine Permits HBRC 00103 1969-1991
Minutes of Council Meetings HBRC 00023 1989-2003
Monitoring Results from Outfall HBRC 00096 1993-1996
Napier Gasworks Environmental Investigation HBRC 00099 1993-1996
Numbered Video Tapes HBRC 00050 1985-2003
Operation Spring Clean HBRC 00101 1991-1997
Records of the Regional Plan Review HBRC 00052 1999-2000
Resource Consent Registers HBRC 00025 1991-1998
Resource Consents and Water Rights files HBRC 00084 1968-2017
Subject files from Corporate Library HBRC 00046 1938-2005
Timber Treatment - Consents and Contamination Issues HBRC 00098 1982-1992
Unnumbered Video Tapes HBRC 00051 1988-1994
Water Right Applications Registers HBRC 00022 1968-1991