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The Horowhenua County Council was formed in 1885 from the southern part of the Manawatu County. The offices of the County were first established in Otaki. The first meeting of the Horowhenua County Council was held 24 January 1885.

As first established the County had three ridings: Otaki (area surrounding Otaki township), Te Horo (southern portion of county around Waikanae) and Wirokino (northern portion of county including Levin and Shannon). In 1893 part of Wirokino Riding was split off to form Tokomaru Riding which started just south of Shannon and covered the northern most part of the county. 

In 1896 the County offices were shifted to Levin.

On the 9th of February 1898 a major fire destroyed the County Offices and many early records were lost. Some records survived the fire in a safe, although many were badly charred.

In 1989 as part of the Local Government organisation the County amalagamated with Levin Borough, Foxton Borough and part of the first Manawatu District Council to form the Horowhenua District Council. The southern part of the County around the Waikanae and Otaki areas became part of the new Kapiti Coast District Council.

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is antecedent of (RiC-R016): Horowhenua District Council
is antecedent of (RiC-R016): Shannon Borough Council
is antecedent of (RiC-R016): Levin Borough Council
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Manawatu County Council
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Shannon Borough Council
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Otaki Road Board
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Te Horo Road Board
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Wirokino Road Board


Name Sort descending Identifier Dates
Account Book (Payments) HDC 00211 1915-1923
Aerial Photographs of Koputaroa to Ohau River Area HDC 00363 1981-05-07-1981-05-07
Aerial Photographs of Levin to Hokio Beach area HDC 00364 1981-05-27-1981-05-27
Aerial Photographs of Shannon County Borough HDC 00361 1972-02-14-1972-02-14
Aerial Photographs of Shannon County Borough showing sewers HDC 00362 1972-1972
Aerial Photographs, Miscellaneous Horowhenua County Prints and Mosaics, Numbered HDC 00365 1942-02-1981-05-07
Aerial Photographs, Miscellaneous Horowhenua County Prints, Unnumbered HDC 00366 1957-1989
Alphabetical files HDC 00155 1911-1989
Artefacts created for County Centennial HDC 00247 1985-1985
Balance Sheets and Accounts (Published) HDC 00128 1897-1982
Building Permit forms HDC 00085 1985-1989
Building Permit Registers HDC 00264 1978-1989
Bylaws HDC 00235 1892-1939
Bylaws (Sealed) HDC 00230 1955-1989
Camping Ground Licence Book HDC 00273 1948-1969
Cash Books HDC 00212 1897-1937
Chief Health and Building Inspector files HDC 00083 1974-1989
Closed File Number Register HDC 00296 1920-1989
Consents to Conditional Uses and Specified Departures [and Changes of Use] HDC 00310 1967-1978
Contract Ledger HDC 00173 1937-1980
Contracts, Council Copies HDC 00055 1956-1988
Contracts, Travelling Copies HDC 00170 1963-1988
Correspondence Files HDC 00018 1897-1990
County Clerk's Reports HDC 00126 1967-1981
Debentures HDC 00281 1911-1911
Deeds and Legal Agreements HDC 00280 1927-1969
Election files HDC 00122 1925-1980
Electoral Rolls HDC 00066 1938-1986
Employee Earnings Record (1st sequence) HDC 00157 1957-1980
Employee Earnings Record (2nd sequence) HDC 00158 1980-1987
Engineer's Reports HDC 00119 1966-1989
Expenditure Cash Book HDC 00317 1958-1964
Expenditure Journals HDC 00210 1897-1911
Finance Committee Reports HDC 00121 1925-1948
General Journals HDC 00202 1966-1990
General Ledger Cards HDC 00129 1958-1980
General Ledger Cards HDC 00130 1980-1985
General Ledgers HDC 00213 1897-1953
Group photographs of Centennial Committee Members HDC 00322 1984-1984
Group photographs of Chairman, Councillors and Staff HDC 00323 1932-1987
Horowhenua County Council District Schemes - Approved, Drafts and Reviews HDC 00375 1964-12-09-1980-10-01
Horowhenua County Council RCA Land Use Subdivision Applications Register HDC 00312 1962-1994
Horowhenua County Council Register of Subdivisions and Notified Planning Applications (NPAs) HDC 00294 1964-1989
Horowhenua County Council Rural Subdivisions HDC 00084 1965-1975
Horowhenua County Council Subdivision Applications (Register of S306s and S224s) HDC 00313 1986-1994
Horowhenua County Council Subdivision Files HDC 00001 1911-2000
Horowhenua County Council Subdivisions HDC 00094 1947-1962
Index Cards to File System HDC 00156 1911-1989
Inwards Correspondence HDC 00314 1886-1923
Land Sale Book HDC 00200 1953-1961