Manawatu District Council [II]

MDC 0.0
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The second Manawatu District Council was formed in 1989 as part of a wider reorganisation of local government around NZ. It was created from an amalagmation of the Feilding Borough, the first Manawatu District, Pohangina County, Kiwitea County and Oroua County.

Corporate Body Type
Government Organization
Related Entities
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Manawatu District Council [I]
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Oroua County Council
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Pohangina County Council
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Kiwitea County Council
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Feilding Borough Council


Name Sort descending Identifier Dates
Aerial Photograph of Himatangi MDC 00527 1995-1995
Aerial Photograph of Tangimoana MDC 00518 1990-1990
Aerial Photograph of Tangimoana MDC 00526 1995-1995
Aerial Photographs of Ashhurst to Longburn MDC 00517 1977-1977
Aerial Photographs of Manawatu District MDC 00519 1991-05-15-1991-05-25
Aerial Photographs of Pohangina MDC 00528 2004-2004
Feilding Clock Tower Architectural Plans MDC 00543 1999-1999
HAIL Site Files - 1st Sequence HRC 00504 1992-02-19-2015-03-30
HAIL Site Files - 2nd Sequence HRC 00505 1994-08-10-2019-09-06
Index Maps for Aerial Photograph Series MDC 00520 1977-1991
Kairanga County Council District Scheme Reviews MDC 00536 1960-1984
Manawatu County Council District Schemes MDC 00538 1964-1982
Manawatu County Council Rural Housing Loans MDC 00115 1961-1990
Manawatu District Council Contract Files [1st Series] MDC 00509 1989-1997
Manawatu District Council Contract Files [2nd Series] MDC 00540 1992-2012
Manawatu District Council Deposited Plan [DP] Files - Subdivisions MDC 00510 1989
Manawatu District Council Outstanding Rates Arrears Book MDC 00532 1988-1990
Manawatu District Council Rates Ledger MDC 00533 1988-1989-06-02
Manawatu District Council Road and Bridge Records MDC 00544 1943-2018
Manawatu District Council Valuation Rolls - Nominal Index MDC 00534 1992-1994
Minutes of Community Wellbeing Subcommittee meetings MDC 00497 2006-2014
Minutes of Council Meetings MDC 00496 1989-2014
Minutes of Marae Consultative Standing Committee meetings MDC 00499 2006-2014
Minutes of Strategic Planning and Policy Committee meetings MDC 00498 2006-2014
Oroua County Council District Schemes MDC 00121 1965-1988
Record of Mayors and Councillors Since Inception of Feilding Borough Council MDC 00535 1989 (year uncertain)-1990 (year uncertain)
Rural Housing Loans and Advances MDC 00539 1966-2020
Subject Files of the Health and Building Inspector [2nd sequence] MDC 00120 1963-1991
Transcript of the Diary of Colonel William Henry Adelbert Feilding MDC 00545 1871-05-12-1872-03-21