Mataongaonga Road Board

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At its meeting of 14 September 1900, the Wanganui County Council passed a Special Order declaring the Mataongaonga Riding a separate road district. The Road Board held its first meeting 26 January 1901. The District seems to have covered most of the area of Wanganui East, and possibly corresponded to the area of subdivision 3 of the former Wangaehu Highway District.

Wellington Provincial Government allowed for the establishment of road boards within the province for detailed work on rural highway development. Finance came from rates and grants from the Provincial Government. The abolishing of the provinces in 1876, followed by the Counties Act 1878, provided the Road Boards with power to construct and maintain roads, while the newly formed County Councils were given responsibility for constructing main arterial roads. The 1882 Road Boards Act provided for the regularisation and unifying of board structures and powers, with the emphasis on detailed work over small areas. The County Councils were also given power in 1876, to merge Road Boards into the Counties, on a petition by ratepayers. With the completion of many projects most Road Boards were abolished between 1900 and 1920.

The Board’s last meeting was held 20 August 1913, after which it was merged into the Wanganui County.

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