Nukumaru Domain Board

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The Public Domains Act (1881) allowed for the Governor General to declare certain categories of land “domains”, and to appoint boards with power to: (i) enclose, plant and develop lands; (ii) set aside lands for public amusement; (iii) lease, trade, or exchange lands; (iv) provide accessways; (v) administer lands and spend income on developments; (vi) make and enforce bylaws. The right of delegation (to any local government authority or officer) led in this way to the formation of Boards.
In this case it appears that the Waitotara County Council effectively transformed itself into a Board, in order to meet the requirements of the Act and take on additional powers. The passing of the 1908 Public Reserves and Domains Act clarified the Board’s powers, but the structure and general functions do not seem to have altered significantly.

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is antecedent of (RiC-R016): Waitotara County Council