Pahiatua Borough Council

TDC 5.0
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In 25 July 1892 the Pahiatua Borough Council was formed from the previous Town Board. In October 1989 the Pahiatua Borough Council amalgamated with four other councils to form the Tararua District Council.

Corporate Body Type
Government Organization
Related Entities
is antecedent of (RiC-R016): Tararua District Council
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Pahiatua Town Board


Name Sort descending Identifier Dates
Appreciation from the NZ Returned Soldiers Association to The Mayor, Borough Councillors and Citizens of Pahiatua TDC 00627 1937-1937
Audited Annual Accounts and Balance Sheets TDC 00037 1897-1989
Building Permit Plumbing and Drainage Permit Register TDC 00498 1965-1983
Card Register for Funeral Directors, Hawkers, Publicans, Food premises, Offensive TDC 00201 1970-1989
Certificate of Thanks from the Pahiatua and Districts Centennial Committee to the Pahiatua Borough Council TDC 00628 1981-1981
General Ledger Transaction Reports TDC 00193 1988-1989
Group Photograph of Staff TDC 00625 1989-1989
Group photographs of Mayors, Councillors and Staff TDC 00622 1896-1989
Inward and Outward Correspondence in Subject Files TDC 00035 1948-1989
Kaitawa Cemetery Annual Statements of Accounts TDC 00207 1926-1964
Kaitawa Cemetery Board Correspondence TDC 00208 1904-1959
Kaitawa Cemetery Burial Warrants TDC 00205 1896-1923
Kaitawa Cemetery forms of Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial in the cemetery TDC 00209 1923-1923
Kaitawa Cemetery Trustees Cash Book TDC 00210 1892-1964
Kaitawa Cemetery Trustees Minute Book TDC 00206 1890-1947
Kaitawa Public Cemetery Burial Register TDC 00499 1891-1943
Ledger Cards TDC 00192 1970-1981
Maps of Pahiatua Borough TDC 00515 1900-1963
Minutes of the Pahiatua Borough Council and minutes of the Pahiatua Town Board TDC 00495 1886-1989
Minutes of various Pahiatua Committees: Pahiatua Licensing District Committee, Makakahi Island Domain Board, Pahiatua Public Domain Board, Pahiatua Public Cemetery Trustees TDC 00203 1887-1971
Pahiatua Borough Council Agenda Papers for General Purposes Committee TDC 00191 1988-1989
Pahiatua Borough Council Agendas for Ordinary Meetings of Council TDC 00190 1980-1989
Pahiatua Borough Council Minutes of Committee Meetings TDC 00496 1892-1987
Pahiatua Borough Council Rate Books TDC 00497 1975-1989
Pahiatua Cemetery Trustees Cash Book TDC 00204 1951-1969
Pahiatua Community Centre Minute Books TDC 00212 1949-1959
Pahiatua Dog Pound Registers TDC 00216 1977-1988
Pahiatua Pound Registers (other than dog) TDC 00217 1961-1982
Pahiatua Sports Complex Committee Minute Book TDC 00213 1976-1979
Pahiatua Sports Complex Financial Records TDC 00215 1976-1980
Pahiatua Sports Complex Inward and Outward Correspondence of the Committee TDC 00214 1976-1979
Plant Operating Reports TDC 00194 1988-1989
Plumbing and Drainage Permit Form Books TDC 00202 1966-1983
Portraits of Mayors TDC 00626 1893-1938
Rate Ledger Cards TDC 00198 1969-1975
Valuation Department Field Books TDC 00200 1906-1989
Valuation Department Sales Slips TDC 00199 1940-1952
Valuation Rolls TDC 00197 1966-1966
Wage and Salary End of Year Totals TDC 00196 1983-1984
Wage and Salary Ledger Cards TDC 00195 1980-1981