Sluggish River Drainage Board [I]

HRC 7.5.1
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The first Sluggish River Drainage Board was established in 1894 and governed the district embracing the lower portion of the watershed on the north and west of the Oroua River in the Manawatu County. It was set up to drain a large swamp in the district. The area had been partly drained before the incorporation of the Board, whose duty included completing and maintaining the system of drainage. A loan of £3,080 was obtained for this work under the Loans to Local Bodies Act. On 18 November 1909 the Board amalgamated with the Horseshoe Drainage District to form the Oroua Drainage Board. Note that there are no records of the first Board held.

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is antecedent of (RiC-R016): Oroua Drainage Board


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