Tararua District Council

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The Tararua District Council was formed in 1989 from the amalgamation of the Woodville District Council, Dannevirke District Council, Eketahuna County Council, Pahiatua County Council and the Pahiatua Borough Council. This was part of a wider review of local government that had been carried out across New Zealand at this time.

Corporate Body Type
Government Organization
Related Entities
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Dannevirke District Council
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Woodville District Council
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Eketahuna County Council
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Pahiatua County Council
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Pahiatua Borough Council


Name Sort descending Identifier Dates
Aerial Photographs of Dannevirke, Woodville, Pahiatua and Eketahuna TDC 00651 1997-04-22-1997-04-30
Aerial Photographs of Pahiatua TDC 00652 1991-01-14-1991-01-14
Building Consent Registers TDC 00529 1993-1998
Committee Agendas TDC 00141 1990-2010
Corporate file system TDC 00604 1974-1993
Council Agendas TDC 00260 1989-2017
Dannevirke Community Board Agendas TDC 00571 1989-2015
Deeds and Legal Agreements TDC 00654 1896-2001
District Plan Amendments TDC 00578 1996-1996
District Plan Hearing Committee Decisions TDC 00579 1996-1996
District Plan Review Hearing Committee Minutes and Submissions TDC 00581 2009-2009
Domain Correspondence files TDC 00536 1990-1997
Eketahuna Community Board Agendas TDC 00575 1989-2001
Eketahuna Community Board Members Declarations
TDC 00572 1989-2001
Eketahuna Public Office Correspondence files TDC 00603 1939-2002
Eketahuna Public Office File Index TDC 00602 1990-2002
Electoral Rolls TDC 00314 1989-1998
Fiscal Statements TDC 00267 1990-2001
General Ledger Account Transactions TDC 00527 1991-1999
General Managers Files TDC 00606 1990-1993
Group Photograph, Dannevirke District New Zealand 1990 Community Committee TDC 00671 1990-1990
Group photographs of Mayors, Councillors and Staff TDC 00617 1989-2010
Group photographs of Pahiatua Community Board Chairman, Board Members and Staff TDC 00623 1989-2004
Group photographs of Pahiatua On Track Members TDC 00624 2004-2014
Group photographs of Woodville Community Board Chairman, Board Members and Staff TDC 00616 1995-1995
Mangatera Cemetery Sexton's Records TDC 00673 1916-2005 (year approximate)
Minutes of Committee meetings TDC 00140 1990-2010
Minutes of Council meetings TDC 00139 1989-2015
Minutes of Dannevirke Community Board meetings TDC 00570 1989-2015
Minutes of Eketahuna Community Board meetings TDC 00574 1989-2001
Minutes of Pahiatua Community Board meetings
TDC 00573 1989-2004
Minutes of Woodville Community Board meetings TDC 00576 1989-2001
Newspaper clippings of public notices TDC 00428 1952-1992
Newspaper clippings re topical local news TDC 00429 1974-1992
Portraits, Mayors of Dannevirke Borough Council TDC 00670 1892-1959
Property Transfers TDC 00463 1964-1995
Public Submissions to Tararua District Council Annual Plans TDC 00666 2013-2017
Public Submissions to Tararua District Council Long Term Plan TDC 00667 2015-2025
Rates and Valuation Indexes TDC 00531 1991-1996
Rates Masterfile Prinouts TDC 00530 1990-1991
Rental/Rural Housing Register TDC 00454 1941-1993
Tararua District Council Annual Audit Documents TDC 00663 2012-11-2019-06
Tararua District Council Annual Plans TDC 00262 1990-2020
Tararua District Council Annual Reporting Consultation Brochures, Submission Forms and Surveys TDC 00668 2012-2020
Tararua District Council Annual Reports TDC 00261 1990-2019
Tararua District Council Fees and Charges Documents TDC 00664 2012-2020
Tararua District Council Long Term Council Community Plans TDC 00665 2012-2018
Tararua District Council Long Term Plan, 2015-2025 TDC 00669 2015-2025
Tararua Inspection Services: General Ledger Account Transaction Reports TDC 00528 1993-1997
Town Planning files TDC 00276 1979-1991