Tararua Enterprise Trust

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The Dannevirke Enterprise Trust was established in 1989 by the Dannevirke District Council as a Charitable Trust to develop existing and new business in Dannevirke. An office was established in the Dannevirke Town Hall. In November 1989 the Dannevirke District Council amalgamated with others to form the Tararua District Council.

In October 1991, the Trust changed it's name to the Tararua Enterprise Trust and it's functions were extended to the entire District A sub office was established in the Council's Pahiatua Public Office.

From 1 March 1995 the Woodville Information Centre became a branch of the Trust.

In October 1997 the Trust was reviewed and the District Council decided to disestablish the organisation.

Corporate Body Type
Government Organization
Related Entities
is antecedent of (RiC-R016): Tararua District Council