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The Waipawa County was formed in 1876. In 1885 the County was split and the new Patangata County Council was formed. In 1901 the County was split again, with the Woodville County Council being formed, this included the amalgamation of several road boards with the new County. Finally in 1908 the County was further split with the formation of the Dannevirke County Council. In 1977 the Waipawa County merged with Waipawa Borough to form the Waipawa District Council, which in turn merged with the Waipukurau District Council in 1989 to form the Central Hawke’s Bay District Council.


Town Boards

Several Town Boards were created in the County's area. Within the present day Tararua District there was the Woodville Town Board in 1884, Dannevirke in 1885, Ormondville in 1886 and Norsewood in 1911.


Road Boards

Between 1876 and 1889 a number of Road Districts were formed within the County. These include the Norsewood and Woodville Road Boards in 1876, Ormondville circa 1878, the Maharahara and Manga-atua Road Boards in 1885 and the Kumeroa Road Board in 1889. These Road Boards either amalgamated back into the County later on, or formed the basis of new county councils.

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is antecedent of (RiC-R016): Dannevirke Town Board
is antecedent of (RiC-R016): Woodville Town Board
is antecedent of (RiC-R016): Patangata County Council
is antecedent of (RiC-R016): Woodville County Council
is antecedent of (RiC-R016): Dannevirke County Council
is antecedent of (RiC-R016): Ormondville Town Board
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Hawkes Bay Provincial Government
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Ormondville Road Board
is successor of (RiC-R016i): Maharahara Road Board


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Contract Ledgers TDC 00533 1907-1975
Valuation Roll draft TDC 00534 1898 (year approximate)-1900 (year approximate)