Wanganui Harbour Board

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The establishing Act (see above) allowed for a Board consisting of 9 members, 3 ex-officio and 6 elective. The Board’s main function was to develop and improve the river for maritime transport. The newly established Board took over control of the River Bridge and wharves from the Borough Council. The Board was given the powers to appoint staff, pass bylaws, raise funds (through a sinking fund), and issue debentures (Wanganui Bridge and Wharf Act 1872). Income was also generated from tonnage dues from incoming vessels, a river and harbour improvement rate, and profits from lands invested in the Board; also from bridge toll rentals. It seems that the fortunes of the Harbour Board closely reflected the economic conditions of the Wanganui region. There is some evidence of prosperity during the 1920s and World War II. The depression period of the 1930s and the postwar era indicated a significant decline. From the 1950s the Board suffered from competition with other ports and reduced its activities to those of navigation and river protection. While there was ongoing interest in the development of Wanganui port facilities, this seemed to fail because of technical difficulties. The Board held its final meeting on 28 June 1988, after which it was disestablished as part of the major restructuring of local authorities. Its assets and functions were inherited by the newly formed Wanganui District Council and a port consortium, Wanganui Port Ltd which subsequently became Ocean Terminals Ltd, later taken over by River City Port Ltd. The Board’s records were inherited by the Council at that time. After spending some time in the abandoned Board offices in Castlecliff they were transferred to the Museum basement prior to processing. The condition of the records is not good, owing to poor storage and records management by the Harbour Board, as well as damage and loss during the 1988-1990 period.

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is antecedent of (RiC-R016): Whanganui District Council


Name Sort descending Identifier Dates
Account Journals WDC 00211 1955-1985
Agenda, Committee Minutes, Reports and Correspondence for Board WDC 00220 1969-1988
Annual Accounts WDC 00029 1879-1985
Bar Soundings Registers WDC 00031 1922-1989
Bignells Papers WDC 00044 1865-1961
Buckeridge General Managers Unregistered Files WDC 00040 1931-1989
Bylaws and Standing Orders WDC 00216 1892-1986
Cargo and Port Statistics WDC 00233 1922-1959
Cashbooks (Expenditure and Receipts) WDC 00210 1877-1985
Castlecliff Wharfage Accounts Registers WDC 00207 1945-1969
Conversion Loan Account Registers WDC 00205 1943-1954
Cool Stores: Accounts Ledgers WDC 00209 1940-1960
Dredging Reports WDC 00049 1908-1988
Endowments Register WDC 00206 1899-1902
Evidence and Reports into the Grounding of the Cyrena WDC 00221 1925-1926
Freeholded Properties WDC 00054 1973-1982
General Managers Registered Correspondence WDC 00039 1958-1987
General Managers Reports WDC 00217 1964-1982
Harbour Awards/Disputes WDC 00215 1936-1961
Harbour Board Secretarys Legal Papers WDC 00042 1884-1985
Harbour Engineer and Pilot Reports WDC 00045 1865-1963
Harbour Engineers Files WDC 00046 1905-1970
Harbour Masters Correspondence WDC 00062 1929-1981
Harbour Masters Diaries of Activities WDC 00047 1971-1978
Harbour Masters Reports WDC 00033 1920-1988
Harbour Secretarys Numbered Correspondence WDC 00050 1920-1921
Harbour Secretarys Outward Letterbooks WDC 00035 1877-1927
Imports and Exports Register WDC 00222 1922-1961
Index for Works Committee Reports WDC 00294 1923-1940
Inwards and Outwards Shipping Register WDC 00034 1879-1975
Launch, Boat and Watermans Receipt Butt Books WDC 00232 1910-1986
Leases (and Associated Correspondence) WDC 00203 1960-1982
Managing Secretarys Correspondence WDC 00038 1919-1966
Managing Secretarys Registered Files WDC 00226 1949-1969
Maps, Plans and Drawings, Registered (flat) WDC 00057 1877-1988
Minutes WDC 00025 1877-1988
Miscellaneous and Financial Papers WDC 00043 1909-1984
Miscellaneous and Unregistered Files WDC 00268 1878-1987
Miscellaneous Committee Minutes and Papers WDC 00302 1962-1984
Newspaper Clipping Books WDC 00037 1907-1988
Newspaper Clipping Books (relating to non-Harbour Board matters) WDC 00219 1923-1926
Notices of Motion Books WDC 00235 1955-1982
Observations of Wanganui Bar and River Entrance WDC 00030 1888-1974
Overseas Shipping Berthing Register WDC 00223 1925-1942
Paybook WDC 00213 1967-1977
Photographs WDC 00058 1884-1980
Pilot Station Logbooks WDC 00032 1925-1979
Plaque WDC 00389 1950
Port Captains Correspondence WDC 00048 1980-1986
Portraits WDC 00300 1877-1961