Wanganui Sister City Association

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The Association comprises both community members and Council representatives, including the Mayor, and supports the Council in its sister city activities. The first meeting took place on 3 March 1988. Wanganui’s sister cities are Nagaizumi-cho (Japan), Toowoomba (Australia), and Reno (USA). The Association provides a people-to-people interface for sister city activities.
Contact with Toowoomba and Reno is somewhat spasmodic. Most activity takes place with Nagaizumi-cho, in the form of educational and cultural exchanges, and the establishment in 1991 of the Nagaizumi-cho Friendship Centre in Wanganui East. The Centre is funded by Japan and has a manager appointed by the Nagaizumi-cho Council.
The Association is an Incorporated Society; although originally named “Wanganui Sister City Society”, from June 1988 the word “Association” appears in the minutes.

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Government Organization