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Mataongaonga Road Board WDC AAV 1913
Mangamahu Road Board WDC AAW 1912
Otaki Borough Council HDC 9.0 1989
Cooks Gardens Board of Control WDC AAX
Manawatu District Council
Upper Wangaehu Road Board WDC AAY / RDC 1.2 1918
Gonville Domain Board WDC AAZ
Palmerston North City Council, Mayor's Office
Palmerston North City Council Staff Employees' Committee
Palmerston North City Council, Mayor's Office
Palmerston North City Council, Mayor';s Office
Palmerston North City Council, Town Clerk’s Department
Williams Domain Board WDC ABA 1953
Landguard Domain Board WDC ABB 1953
Castlecliff Domain Board WDC ABC 1953
Wanganui East/Eastbrook Borough Council WDC ABD 1912
Otamatea Community Town Council WDC ABE 1989
Westmere Public Hall Committee WDC ABF 1958
Maxwell Hall Committee WDC ABG 1965
Brunswick Hall Committee WDC ABH 1979
Brunswick Cemetery Trustees WDC ABI
Brunswick Weed Control Group WDC ABK 1976
Hydatid Control Committee WDC ABZ 1965
Waitotara, Patea, Waverley Hydatids Authority WDC ABL 1988
Trustees of the Wanganui General Cemetery WDC ABM 1915
Wanganui Industrial Promotion Council WDC ABN
Wanganui Regional Planning Council WDC ABO
Mangamahu Domain Board WDC ABP 1968
Naturally Wanganui WDC ABQ 1989
Sinking Fund Commissioners (City Council) WDC ABR 1963 (year approximate)
New Zealand Counties Association (Ward 4) WDC ABS 1989
New Zealand Institute of County Clerks WDC ABT 1988
Rapanui Hall Committee WDC ABU
Kai Iwi Town Hall Committee WDC ABV 1937
Makirikiri Licensing Committee WDC ABW 1892
Mowhanau Domain Board WDC ABX 1919
David Peat Park Trustees WDC ACA
Wanganui Health Task Force WDC ACB 1996
Cooks Gardens Trust Board WDC ACC
River City Contractors Ltd WDC ACD 1998
Road Stone Quarries Ltd WDC ACE 1998
Wanganui Sister City Association WDC ACF
Wanganui District Council Holdings Limited WDC ACG
Wanganui-Rangitikei Electric Power Board WDC ACH 1993
Castlecliff Linking Group WDC ACI
Whanganui Economic Development Corporation (WEDCO) WDC ACJ
Manawatu County Council MDC 5.1 / HDC 4.1 1988
Kairanga County Council PNCC KCC 3 / MDC 5.4 1988
Oroua County Council PNCC OCC / MDC 3.0 1989
Manawatu District Council [I] PNCC 12 / MDC 5.0 / HDC 4.0 1989