Fees and Charges

There is no charge for physical access to the archives. A seperate schedule of charges apply at the Palmerston North City Council and Whanganui District Council - please contact those councils for more information. Archives Central allows users to take digital photograph copies of archival material (copyright license permitting) free of charge. 


$0.50 - A4
$1.00 - A3
$1.00 - Double sided A4
$2.00 - Double sided A3

Digital copies (print quality)

$2.00 - Digital image from item A3 or smaller
$6.00 - Digital image from item larger than A3
$10.00 - Digital image from photographic print, negative, slide, microfiche etc
$15.00 - Digital version of film, video, cassette tape etc


$38 - Research (per half hour)


$5.00 - Packaging and Handling
$0.80 - Postage Standard
$2.40 - Postage A4