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Fitzherbert Road Board - Payment Vouchers PNCC K2/6/5 1890-1891
Manawatu Road Board Inward Correspondence PNCC K1/2/2 1895-1899
"The Palmerston North Civil Defencer" Magazine PNCC 1/22/20 1985-1990
Abattoir Department Voucher Registers and Stock Inventories PNCC 2/9/7 1930-1951
Abattoir Department Cash Books PNCC 2/9/2 1921-1953
Abattoir Department Chiller Ledgers PNCC 2/9/5 1921-1928
Abattoir Department General Ledgers PNCC 2/9/3 1917-1951
Abattoir Department Statements of Accounts PNCC 2/9/1 1932-1942
Abattoir Department Sundry Debtors Ledgers PNCC 2/9/6 1935-1944
Abattoir Department: Personal Accounts Ledgers (Day Books) PNCC 2/9/4 1921-1945
Abattoir Manager - Outwards Correspondence PNCC 8/1/1 1946-1951
Accounting Records - Job Costs Ledgers PNCC 4/23/1 1907-1918
Accounting Records - Tiritea Dam Project PNCC 4/23/2 1953-1956
Alien Registration Registers PNCC 2/30/1 1966-1967
Alphabetical Indexes of Minutes PNCC 1/2/2 1919-1981
Annual Accounts and Balance Sheets, Years ending 31 March PNCC 2/1/1 1889-1916
Annual Accounts and Balance Sheets: Bound copies PNCC 2/1/1A 1892-1973
Annual Reports PNCC 3/4/3 1939-1976
Army, Navy and Air Force Committee PNCC 11/12/1 1939-1947
Ashhurst and Pohangina Area Display Panels PNCC O3/22/1 1880-1970
Ashhurst Cemetery Account Forms PNCC O3/16/12 1969-1980
Ashhurst Cemetery Board Cheque Book Stubs PNCC O3/16/10 1967-1969
Ashhurst Cemetery Receipt Book PNCC O3/16/9 1949-1973
Ashhurst Cemetery Trustees Cash Books PNCC O3/16/4 1901-1974
Ashhurst Cemetery Trustees Minutes PNCC O3/16/1 1942-1972
Ashhurst Cemetery Warrant Book. PNCC O3/16/16 1965-1971
Ashhurst County Town Committee General Correspondence PNCC O3/20/2 1958-1971
Ashhurst County Town Committee Inward Correspondence PNCC O3/20/4 1971-1975
Ashhurst County Town Committee Minutes PNCC O3/20/1 1958-1974
Ashhurst County Town Committee Outward Correspondence PNCC O3/20/5 1971-1975
Ashhurst County Town Committee Subject Files PNCC O3/20/3 1959-1970
Ashhurst District Community Council Agendas PNCC O3/21/1 1984-1989
Ashhurst Domain and Cemetery Board Correspondence PNCC O3/16/3 1926-1979
Ashhurst Domain Board Annual Reports PNCC O3/16/6 1966-1974
Ashhurst Domain Board By-Laws PNCC O3/16/14 1912
Ashhurst Domain Board Cash Books PNCC O3/16/5 1927-1979
Ashhurst Domain Board Cheque Book Stubs PNCC O3/16/11 1967-1976
Ashhurst Domain Board Deeds of Lease PNCC O3/16/15 1924-1926
Ashhurst Domain Board Minutes PNCC O3/16/2 1905-1972
Ashhurst Domain Board Receipt Book PNCC O3/16/8 1959-1974
Ashhurst Domain Management Committee Agendas PNCC O3/16/20 1983-1989
Ashhurst Public Cemetery By-Laws PNCC O3/16/13 1901
Ashhurst Public Hall Cash Book PNCC O3/20/6 1964-1966
Ashhurst Rates and Valuation Rolls PNCC O3/9/15 1982-1987
Asset Management Plans PNCC 00088 1997
Awards, Industrial Agreements and Employment Contracts PNCC 00031 1987-1991
Badges and Medals PNCC 1/40 1970 (year approximate)
Bookplate PNCC 3/5/1 1964
Bound copies of Annual Accounts and balance sheets PNCC 2/1/1B 1892-1973
Bound copies of annual estimates and quarterly accounts PNCC 2/2/1 1931-1981