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HBRC 00011
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This series concerns the Administration files for the Omarunui Drainage Board for 1932 to 1977. Only a small number of files are held, broken up into a number of broad subjects, such as correspondence with the Hawke's Bay Council Council, correspondence with the Hawke's Bay River Board/Catchment Board and several files concerning elections held in the 1960s and 1970s.


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created by (RiC-R027): Omarunui Drainage Board
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Correspondence with Hawke's Bay County Council HBRC 00011:1:1 1952-1976
Correspondence with Hawke's Bay River Board and Hawke's Bay Catchment Board HBRC 00011:1:2 1932-1977
Elections HBRC 00011:1:4 1959-1968
Elections for 1971 HBRC 00011:1:5 1971-1971
Elections for 1974 HBRC 00011:1:6 1974-1974
General Correspondence HBRC 00011:1:3 1932-1976
Notices and General HBRC 00011:1:7 1969-1977