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HBRC 00012
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This series concerns the Hawke's Bay Catchment Board Engineer files for 1949 to 1969. The files have Alphanumeric file numbers and only a handful of the series is held. The rest of the files are presently at the Hawke's Bay Regional Council.

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Aerial Survey HBRC 00012:1:A/1 1949-1969
Ahuriri Lagoon HBRC 00012:1:A/5 Pt 2 1957-1970
Awatoto Drainage HBRC 00012:1:A/6 Pt 1 1949-1962
Awatoto Drainage HBRC 00012:1:A/6 Pt 2 1964-1967
Classification HBRC 00012:1:C/2 1955-1969
Classification (HB River District) HBRC 00012:1:C/11 1956-1959
Conservation Projects HBRC 00012:1:C/6 1951-1961
Drainage Miscellanious HBRC 00012:2:D/2 1953-1963
Engineering Reports HBRC 00012:2:E/3 1952-1957
Esk River HBRC 00012:2:E/4 1951-1969
File 2 Mangamahake (Omakere-Waiwhero Moutere Etc) Te Manuiri HBRC 00012:4:M/11 Pt 2 1960-1967
Flood Relief HBRC 00012:2:F/6 1963-1967
Hastings Stormwater HBRC 00012:3:H/5 Pt 1 1957-1959
Hastings Stormwater HBRC 00012:3:H/5 Pt 2 1960-1968
Hawkes Bay Aero Club HBRC 00012:1:D/1/3 1951-1963
Headwaters of Rivers - Survey and Report HBRC 00012:2:H/3 1952-1967
Heretaunga Plains Flood Control Scheme - General (1) HBRC 00012:3:H/4/1 1953-1970
Heretaunga Plains Flood Control Scheme - Tutaekuri-Ngaruroro Diversion, Section A (2) HBRC 00012:3:H/4/2 1962-1969
Heretaunga Plains Flood Control Scheme Bridge Construction (5) HBRC 00012:3:H/4/5 1961-1967
Heretaunga Plains Flood Control Scheme Pumping/Pumps (4) HBRC 00012:3:H/4/4 1953-1969
Hunter Estate of George HBRC 00012:1:D/1/7 1951-1956
Information HBRC 00012:3:I/1 1963-1965
Karamu Stream HBRC 00012:3:K/3 1949-1969
Karamu Tributaries Heretaunga Plains Flood Control Scheme, Section B (3) HBRC 00012:3:H/4/3 1959-1969
Lower Tuki Tuki HBRC 00012:5:T/6 Pt 2 1952-1968
Lower Tuki Tuki Flood Control Scheme HBRC 00012:5:T/6 Pt 1 1952-1953
Makara Stream HBRC 00012:4:M/12 1966-1968
Makaretu Stream HBRC 00012:4:M/8 1959-1969
Manga-o-Nuku Stream HBRC 00012:3:M/7 1957-1969
Mangamahake (Omakere, Waiwhero Moutere Etc) HBRC 00012:4:M/11 Pt 1 1954-1959
Mangarua (Iona Stream) Havelock North HBRC 00012:4:M/9 1949-1968
Maraetotara Stream HBRC 00012:3:M/6 1949-1968
Meeanee Drainage HBRC 00012:2:D/1/10 Pt 2 1961-1969
Meeanee Drainage HBRC 00012:1:D/1/10 1939-1959
Meeanee Drainage HBRC 00012:2:D/1/10 Pt 1 1959-1961
Minor River Works HBRC 00012:3:M/5 1952-1961
Miss G Guthrie HBRC 00012:1:D/1/4 1951-1953
Muddy Creek HBRC 00012:2:D/1/11 1951-1972
Ngaruroro River HBRC 00012:4:N/1 Pt 1 1949-1961
Ngaruroro River HBRC 00012:4:N/1 Pt 2 1961-1969
Omapere Protection Contract No. 2 HBRC 00012:4:O/1 1948-1951
Omaraenui Drainage Board HBRC 00012:2:D/1/12 1922-1968
Paritu Stream - Glazebrook HBRC 00012:4:P/11 1953-1964
Porangahau River HBRC 00012:4:P/8 1951-1969
Poukawa Drainage District HBRC 00012:4:P/10 1927-1967
Pukahu - Stead - Longlands HBRC 00012:2:D/1/13 1951-1962
Puketapu 12/230020 HBRC 00012:2:D/1/14 1951-1958
Pumping Station North Onehunga Road Area (MacEuans and T J) Contract No 280 HBRC 00012:1:A/5 Pt 1 1954-1964
Quarterly Reports HBRC 00012:4:Q/1 1956-1969
Radio Communication HBRC 00012:4:R/7