Harbour Master's files (blue file covers)

HBRC 00048
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This series contains files created by the Harbour Master in the course of their work from 1990 to 2001, although a small number of files have papers both before and after these dates.

As originally established the file system was numbered with an HM prefix, but this appears to have fallen out of use by 1992 and new files were not numbered after that. A running number sequence has been imposed by archives staff to aid retrieval, but any original file numbers found have been noted in the notes field.

The files contain correspondence both from and to the Harbour Master and cover a variety of subjects concerning the port.

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created by (RiC-R027): Hawke's Bay Regional Council
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Records in Harbour Master's files (blue file covers)

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Agendas Minutes HBRC 00048:1:1 1990-2000
Boat Safety Checks and Procedures, Survey Boat and Weed Boats HBRC 00048:1:2 1994-1999
Bylaws HBRC 00048:1:3 1988-2000
Coastguards HBRC 00048:1:4 1999-2000
Documentation HBRC 00048:1:5 1995-1998
Drafts and Underkeel Clearance HBRC 00048:1:6 1975-1996
Fishing Vessels HBRC 00048:1:7 1994-1999
General HBRC 00048:1:8 1990-2000
Harbourmaster Duties HBRC 00048:1:9 1989-2001
Hire Boat Licences HBRC 00048:1:10 1985-2000
Hydrographic Office HBRC 00048:1:11 1994-2000
Inner Harbour HBRC 00048:1:12 1992-2001
Launch Wardens HBRC 00048:1:13 1991-2001
Maritime Safety Authority (MSA) HBRC 00048:2:14 1993-2004
Navigation Safety, Buoys and Beacons HBRC 00048:2:15 1990-2004
Navy Correspondence HBRC 00048:2:24 1992-2004
Notices to Mariners HBRC 00048:2:16 1995-2000
Pilotage Exemptions HBRC 00048:2:17 1989-2001
Procedures HBRC 00048:2:18 1992-1996
Reports HBRC 00048:2:19 1990-1998
Shipping Accidents HBRC 00048:2:20 1992-2001
Tallow Bulk HBRC 00048:2:21 1994-2001
Tanker Safety HBRC 00048:2:22 1992-2001
Tier 1 Oil Spill Plans HBRC 00048:2:23 1997-1999