Historical Information on Floods and River Protection Works in the Heretaunga Plains

HBRC 00055
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This series contains a compilation of documents, original correspondence and reports relating to floods and river protection works in the Heretaunga Plains. It is primarily from the Hawke's Bay Rivers Board with later documents from the Hawke's Bay Catchment Board.

The items were originally contained together in an Eastlight folder, but have now been separated out into 14 acid free folders to make access and retrieval manageable. The original order has been maintained and a numbering sequence has been imposed.

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Records in Historical Information on Floods and River Protection Works in the Heretaunga Plains

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Correspondence concerning Ngaruroro River, Tutaekuri River, Diversion of Karamu Stream, 1938 Flood HBRC 00055:1:5 1938-1954
Correspondence concerning Ngaruroro River, Tutaekuri River, Heretaunga Plains Drainage and Flood Control Scheme, Diversion of Karamu into Tuki Tuki, Historic Floods HBRC 00055:1:2 1954-1963
Correspondence concerning River Diversion Works, Flood and River Control on the Ngaruroro and Tutaekuri Rivers HBRC 00055:1:10 1924-1929
Correspondence concerning Tutaekuri River Flood Protection Works, Tutaekuri River Diversion, Ngaruroro River HBRC 00055:1:7 1933-1934
Drainage and Flood Control - Heretaunga Plains, Report on Ngaruroro River, August 1954 HBRC 00055:1:4 1954-1954
Early comment on Heretaunga Plains as a Mud Flat [Correspondence from NZ Times, 12 May 1897] HBRC 00055:1:14 1897-1897
Engineer's Report [Flood Protection Schemes for the Ngaruroro River], 29th May 1919 HBRC 00055:1:11 1919-1919
Engineer's Report, 21st July 1911 [Tutaekuri River, Ngaruroro River and Tuki Tuki River works] HBRC 00055:1:13 1911-1911
General Flood Control Scheme for Tutaekuri and Ngaruroro Rivers HBRC 00055:1:8 1929-1929
Hawke's Bay Rivers District, Report of Departmental Committee Appointed to Inquire into Matters Relative Thereto HBRC 00055:1:3 1936-1936
Investigating Committee's Report [Tutaekuri and Ngaruroro River Control Proposals] HBRC 00055:1:9 1928-1928
Ngaruroro overflow, levee at June 1919 Report HBRC 00055:1:12 1919-1919
Ngaruroro River Control Scheme report, September 1935 HBRC 00055:2:6 1935-1935