Water Right Applications Registers

HBRC 00022
Descriptive Note

This series contains registers of water rights issued by the Hawke's Bay Catchment Board (after 1989 the Regional Council) for 1968-1991.

The registers record the application number, applicant's name, the purpose, the date received, the date published, the receipt number, the date for objections, the date finalised, the right number and the permit number. Not all fields are filled out for all rights and after 1975 the application number is the same as the right number.

Entries are ordered by application number for 1968-1975 and by right number for 1975-1991 and are not indexed.

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Records in Water Right Applications Registers

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Water Right Applications Register HBRC 00022:1:1 1968-1976
Water Right Applications Register HBRC 00022:2:2 1977-1982
Water Right Applications Register HBRC 00022:2:3 1983-1991